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Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

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Feldlabor für Untersuchungen im Erdbau
Field testing: Troxler device, dynamic sounding, inclinometer
Geotechnical centrifuge (3m diameter)
Geotechnical expert system (60 modules)
Large direct shear test (50 cm x 50 cm)
Model testing (X-ray technique)
Software: FLAC3D, PFC3D, Plaxis, Geoslope
Tensile test on geosynthetics
Tilt table test (50 cm x 50 cm)
Video extensometer

Research Fields

Constitutive modelling
continuum mechanics
derbis flow
Flood protection
Foundation engineering
Geoenvironment: landfill, remediation techniques
Laboratory and field testing
Model testing (1-g and centrifuge)
noise barrier
Numerical simulation


constitutive modelling
field testing
laboratory testing
model testing
numerical simulation


Design and analysis
Field tests for buried pipes
Geotechnical expertise and forensic studies
Geotechnical laboratory tests and fact report
Numerical analysis
Quality control (field tests) for landfill liners and roads

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