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Bakovic, V; Schebeck, M; Stauffer, C; Schuler, H; :
-Mitochondrial DNA Associations in Transitional Populations of
Insects. 2020; 11(10):, 2020
Barthel, D; Schuler, H; Galli, J; Borruso, L; Geier, J; Heer, K; Burckhardt, D; Janik, K:
Identification of Plant DNA in Adults of the Phytoplasma Vector Cacopsylla picta Helps Understanding Its Feeding Behavior
INSECTS. 2020; 11(12), 835, 2020
Bakovic, V; Schuler, H; Schebeck, M; Feder, JL; Stauffer, C; Ragland, GJ:
Host plant-related genomic differentiation in the European cherry fruit fly, Rhagoletis cerasi
MOL ECOL. 2019; 28(20): 4648-4666. , 2019
Schebeck, M; Feldkirchner, L; Stauffer, C; Schuler, H; :
Dynamics of an Ongoing
Insects. 2019; 10(6):, 2019
Schebeck, M; Schuler, H; Einramhof, B; Avtzis, DN; Dowle, EJ; Faccoli, M; Battisti, A; Ragland, GJ; Stauffer, C; Bertheau, C; :
The Apennines as a cryptic Pleistocene refugium of the bark beetle
Biol J Linn Soc Lond. 2019; 127(1):24-33, 2019
Bakovic, V; Schebeck, M; Telschow, A; Stauffer, C; Schuler, H; :
Correction to "Spatial spread of
Biol Lett. 2018; 14(10):, 2018
Doellman, MM; Ragland, GJ; Hood, GR; Meyers, PJ; Egan, SP; Powell, THQ; Lazorchak, P; Glover, MM; Tait, C; Schuler, H; Hahn, DA; Berlocher, SH; Smith, JJ; Nosil, P; Feder, JL; :
Genomic Differentiation during Speciation-with-Gene-Flow: Comparing Geographic and Host-Related Variation in Divergent Life History Adaptation in
Genes (Basel). 2018; 9(5):, 2018
Schebeck, M; Dowle, EJ; Schuler, H; Avtzis, DN; Bertheau, C; Feder, JL; Ragland, GJ; Stauffer, C:
Pleistocene climate cycling and host plant association shaped the demographic history of the bark beetle Pityogenes chalcographus
SCI REP-UK. 2018; 8: , 2018
Schebeck, M; Feldkirchner, L; Marin, B; Krumbock, S; Schuler, H; Stauffer, C:
Reproductive Manipulators in the Bark Beetle Pityogenes chalcographus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)-The Role of Cardinium, Rickettsia, Spiroplasma, and Wolbachia
J INSECT SCI. 2018; 18(3):, 2018
Schuler, H; Egan, SP; Hood, GR; Busbee, RW; Driscoe, AL; Ott, JR:
Diversity and distribution of Wolbachia in relation to geography, host plant affiliation and life cycle of a heterogonic gall wasp
BMC EVOL BIOL. 2018; 18: , 2018
Schuler H, Stauffer C:
Wolbachia: Ein bakterieller Endosymbiont zur Bekämpfung von Schadinsekten
In: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Lebensmittel-, Veterinär- und Agrarwesen, Tagungsbericht 2017 Zukunft Obstbau; ISBN: 1606-612X, 2017
Schuler, H; Köppler, K; Daxböck-Horvath, S; Rasool, B; Krumböck, S; Schwarz, D; Hoffmeister, TS; Schlick-Steiner, BC; Steiner, FM; Telschow, A; Stauffer, C; Arthofer, W; Riegler, M; :
The hitchhiker"s guide to Europe: the infection dynamics of an ongoing Wolbachia invasion and mitochondrial selective sweep in Rhagoletis cerasi.
Mol Ecol. 2016; 25(7):1595-1609, 2016
Stauffer C., Schuler H.:
Molekulare Ökologie in der Forstentomologie: Der bakterielle Endosymbiont Wolbachia im Kupferstecher
In: Universität für Bodenkultur Wien Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33 A-1180 Wien, Präsentation von geförderten Projekten der Stiftung ´120 Jahre Universität für Bodenkultur´, Martin H. Gerzabek (Hrsg.) Rektor & Josef Glößl (Hrsg.) Vizerektor für Forschung und internationale Forschungskooperation, 2011

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