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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Andreas Zitek MSc.

Teaching and Learning Services
Muthgasse 11, 1190 Wien
Tel: +43 1 47654-31212


ORCID: 0000-0001-8555-7593

Curr. Vitae

2023 - 2024 NeuroGraphica Trainer in Training and under Supervision
2020 - 2020 Certification as PSI Competence Adviser after J. Kuhl (
2020 - 2023 Life and Social Counselor in Training and under Supervision
2019 - 1996 2 co-supervised PhD theses, 36 co-supervised Diploma- amd Master theses, Co-supervision of 2 BAK theses
2019 - 2004 -
2019 - 2014 Lehrauftrag VU 110047 Scientific Working and Writing (in Eng.)
2018 - Scientific Project Coordinator & Lead Researcher at FFoQSI - Austrian Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality, Safety & Innovation
2016 - - E-Learning Innovator and Instructional Designer at Education Development Unit, Division of E-Learning and Didactics of New Modes of Teaching and Learning
2016 - 2018 Scientific Project Manager at the Department of Chemistry, VIRIS lab and the Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering, Institute of Wood Technology and Renewable Materials
2015 - 2009 Senior Post doc, Project Leader and Key Researcher at the Division of Analytical Chemistry, at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management and at the Institute of Wood Technology and Renewable Materials, BOKU, Vienna
2014 - Lecturer at the international Summer School "Plant and Fish Biodiversity in Danube Delta" of the USAMV Cluj-Napoca and the CASEE network within the frame of the Erasmus+ Teaching Assigment program
2013 - Certification as Coach for scientific and professional writing
2011 - 2011 Visiting scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitute (WHOI), Fish Ecology Lab (3 months)
2010 - 2010 Excursion leader at IPGL (International Training Programmes in Limnology) course to river restoration sites and fish bypasses in Lower Austria
2008 - 2009 Indepentent researcher (
2007 - 2008 -
2006 - 2008 Master of Science (Geographical Information Science & Systems) - MSc (GIS) und European Master in GIScience, Fernstudium an der Paris-Lodron Universität Salzburg, UNIGIS "Development of a web-based spatial decision support system (WSDSS) for river restoration: a framework contributing to the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in Austria"
2005 - 2006 Basic training course - Compact curriculum "Integrative Poetry- and bibliotherapy"
2005 - 2008 -
2003 - 2004 Advanced training as "Creative scientific writing coach"
1999 - 2006 PhD Thesis "Migration processes of riverine fish: assessment, patterns of downstream migration and restoration"
1999 - 2008 Research assistant at the IHG-BOKU, Vienna
1995 - 1999 Freelancer and technical assistant at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, BOKU, Vienna (IHG-BOKU)
1989 - 1999 Diploma in Landscape Architecture and Planning

Statistik Austria, science classification

artificial intelligence; systems theory; mass spectrometry; analytical chemistry; animal ecology; ecological system research; Biodiversity; Biostatistics; water pollution control; hydrobiology; limnology; geographic information systems (GIS); interdisciplinary natural science; environmental research; technical didactics (natural sciences); isotope technology; constructional hydraulic engineering; environmental protection; Sustainable development, sustainable economics; pisciculture; ichthyology; Dynamical systems; Food chemistry; Spectroscopy ; Food testing;


Fish ecology; Population ecology; Habitat modelling ; Fish migration; Fish ecological monitoring; Assessment of fish migration facilities (efficiency vs. effectivity); Electro-fishing; Driving license for motorboat (10 m); Development & construction of methods for capturing and monitoring of fish (traps, video); Multivariate statistics; Fish drift; Population modelling ; Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS); Chemical imaging; Integrative & sustainable management of riverine landscapes; River restoration; Conceptual causal modelling; Isoscapes; Age analyses of fish; Mark-recapture analyses; Ecological river engeneering; Applied statistics; Element and isotope analysis of hard parts of fish; Elearning; Science education; Citizen Science; Qualitative model building and simulation; Blended learning; Online education and lecture live streaming; Hyperspectral Imaging;


2021 Schwanninger Preis BOKU für qualitativ hochwertige Lehr- und Lernmaterialien & didakt. sinnv. Einsatz: Virtuelle Exkursionen am Institut für Bodenforschung, gemeinsam mit Prof. Gerzabek & KollegInnen
2021 Nomination f. Ars Docendi 2021, Eintrag in Atlas d. guten Lehre: “Mediated Modelling for Sustainability" und „Virtuelle Exkursionen am Inst. für Bodenforschung“ eingereicht v. Prof. Gerzabek u. Koll.
2018 Two Best Abstract/Best Poster Prices at the 2nd International MoniQa Symposium "Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management", 7.-8. June, Vienna
2015 Poster price for a significant contribution to the field of plasma spectrochemistry at the EWCPS 2015 in Münster: "Improving the spatial analysis and interpretation of LA-ICP-MS data by the application of GIS methods"
2009 Ferry Starmühlner Preis des Haus des Meeres in Wien für die Präsentation "Fish Migrations in the Austrian Part of the Danube Catchment: A Summary of 20 Years of Re-Establishment of Connectivity and Monitoring", 7th ISE, Chile
2008 3. Österreichischer Nationalpark Forschungspreis für die Dissertation "Migration processes of riverine fish: assessment, patterns of downstream migration & restoration"
2006 Rigorosum (Dr.nat.techn./PhD) mit Auszeichnung abgeschlossen

Appointments/Memberships in Professional Societies

2013 - Animal Protection Board in accordance with § 21 of the Austrian Animal Experiments Act 2012
2012 - Delegation of the Ministry of Science and Research for Scientific Exchange and Collaboration with Taiwan
2011 - Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) (the former North American Benthological Society (NABS))
2010 -2014 European Geosciences Union (EGU)
2008 -2014 International Environmental Modelling & Software Society (iEMSs)
2008 -2014 EIFAC Working Party on Fish Passage Best Practices
2008 -2011 Working Group Fish passage facilities Austria (AG FAH)

Editorial board appointments for scientific journals

2016 - Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry: Guest Editor of the topical collection ‘Applications of Isotopes in Analytical Ecogeochemistry’
Guest Editor (Special Issue)

Reviewer for scientific journals

2023 -2023 Anthropocene
2022 -2023 Fishes
2020 - Measurement
2020 - Animals
2019 - Pakistan Journal of Zoology
2018 - Marine and Freshwater Research
2018 - Journal of Spectroscopy
2017 - Ecological Engineering
2017 - Frontiers in Plant Science
2016 - Wood Science and Technology: journal of the international academy of wood science
2016 - Bulletin of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca Animal Science and Biotechnologies
2016 - Limnologica
2016 - Wood Material Science and Engineering
2015 - Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
2014 - Acta Zoologica Bulgarica
2013 - Ecology of Freshwater Fish
2013 - Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
2012 - Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry
2012 - Ecological Informatics
2012 - Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
2010 - Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems
2010 - Aquatic Sciences: research across boundaries
2010 - Folia Zoologica
2010 - River Research and Applications
2010 - River Systems
2010 - Fisheries Management and Ecology
2009 - Environmental Biology of Fishes
2009 - Zoological Science
2008 -2009 Ecological Indicators
2005 -2012 Journal of Fish Biology
2005 -2006 International Review of Hydrobiology

Reviewer/Expert funding organizations

2020 -2021 OeAD-Österreichischer Austauschdienst - Austria
2017 -2017 OeAD-Österreichischer Austauschdienst - Austria
2016 - FCT-Fund for Science and Technology - Biological Sciences- Molecular and Structural Biology - Portugal
2016 - Research Council of Norway (Forskningsradet) - Norway

Organizer of scientific conferences, Chairs

2019 FFoQSI Mini-Symposium: "Neue analytische Strategien zur Prüfung der Authentizität und Qualität von Lebensmitteln"
Member of the Organisation Committee
2017 ICAR/FAO Workshop "Fish passage design at cross-river obstacles-experience from different countries, with potential relevance to India"
Chair (Session)
2017 FAO/IHE/ACEE International Symposium on Effectiveness Monitoring of Fish Passage Facilities, Wuhan China
Chair (Session)
2017 European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2017
2015 „ FAO/TCF Workshop “Advanced methods for the analysis of hard structures of fish to assess fish migration and feeding behaviour in view of improved fish ecological and fisheries management
Chair (Session)
2015 SLOPE and BiRT Workshop on Hyperspectral Imaging: Renewable Resources, Biomaterials and Food
2015 Erdgespräche: Citizen Science – Wissenschaft und Zivilgesellschaft – der Auftakt für eine neue gemeinsame Mission
Chair (Session)
2014 FAO/TCF Workshop „Fish passage design at cross-river obstacles – experiences from different countries, with potential relevance to Mongolia
Chair (Session)
2014 EGU General Assembly 2014, IG6/BG9.9/SSS9.17 Applications of non-traditional stable isotopes in the terrestrial and aquatic environment & Past and present climate: the continental isotopic record (co-organized)
Chair (Session)
2013 EGU General Assembly 2013, IG8/BG1.9/GMPV6/PS9.6 Traditional and non-traditional isotopes in geochronology, thermochronology, cosmogenicexposure dating and ecogeochemistry (co-organized)
Chair (Session)
2013 FAO/IHE Workshop: Principles of improved fish passage at cross-river obstacles, with relevance to China, Wuhan, China, OCT 22-25, 2013
Chair (Session)
Member of the Organisation Committee
2013 FAO/SEAFDEC Workshop on Fish Passage in Southeast Asia: Principles of Improved Fish Passage at Cross-river obstacles, with relevance to Southeast Asia, Khon Kaen, Mar 16 - 21, 2013
Chair (Session)
2012 EGU General Assembly 2012, BG1.2 – Application of stable isotopes in Biogeosciences
Chair (Session)
2011 EGU General Assembly 2011, BG1 – General Biogeosciences: Application of non-traditional stable isotopes in biogeosciences
Chair (Session)
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