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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI - Journals (published in Web of Science)
* = peer-reviewed publication (not listed in SCI/SSCI)
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** Weiss, O; Minixhofer, P; Werner, N; Riedenbauer, S; Olesko, E; Luebke, K; Scharf, B; Pitha, U Alternative Engineered Soils and Seed Mixes Used for Seepage Troughs.

LAND-BASEL. 2021; 10(11), 1152 WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Hauer, C; Holzapfel, P; Tonolla, D; Habersack, H; Zolezzi, G In situ measurements of fine sediment infiltration (FSI) in gravel-bed rivers with a hydropeaking flow regime.

EARTH SURF PROC LAND. 2019; 44(2): 433-448. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Weninger, T; Filipovic, V; Mesic, M; Clothier, B; Filipovic, L Estimating the extent of fire induced soil water repellency in Mediterranean environment.

GEODERMA. 2019; 338: 187-196. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Brunetti, G; Simunek, J; Turco, M; Piro, P On the use of global sensitivity analysis for the numerical analysis of permeable pavements.

URBAN WATER J. 2018; 15(3): 269-275. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Filipovic, V; Weninger, T; Filipovic, L; Schwen, A; Bristow, KL; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S; Leitner, S Inverse estimation of soil hydraulic properties and water repellency following artificially induced drought stress.

J HYDROL HYDROMECH. 2018; 66(2): 170-180. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Owuor, SO; Butterbach-Bahl, K; Guzha, AC; Jacobs, S; Merbold, L; Rufino, MC; Pelster, DE; Diaz-Pines, E; Breuer, L Conversion of natural forest results in a significant degradation of soil hydraulic properties in the highlands of Kenya.

SOIL TILL RES. 2018; 176: 36-44. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Brunetti, G; Simunek, J; Turco, M; Piro, P On the use of surrogate-based modeling for the numerical analysis of Low Impact Development techniques.

J HYDROL. 2017; 548: 263-277. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Kielbassa, AM; Ulrich, I; Schmidl, R; Schuller, C; Frank, W; Werth, VD Resin infiltration of deproteinised natural occlusal subsurface lesions improves initial quality of fissure sealing.

INT J ORAL SCI. 2017; 9(2): 117-124. WoS PubMed FullText FullText_BOKU

** Kielbassa, AM; Ulrich, I; Werth, VD; Schuller, C; Frank, W; Schmidl, R External and internal resin infiltration of natural proximal subsurface caries lesions: A valuable enhancement of the internal tunnel restoration.

QUINTESSENCE INT. 2017; 48(5): 357-368. WoS PubMed FullText FullText_BOKU

** Obruca, W; Hauer, C Physical laboratory analyses of intergravel flow through brown trout redds (Salmo trutta fario) in response to coarse sand infiltration.

EARTH SURF PROC LAND. 2017; 42(4): 670-680. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Turco, M; Kodesova, R; Brunetti, G; Nikodem, A; Fer, M; Piro, P Unsaturated hydraulic behaviour of a permeable pavement: Laboratory investigation and numerical analysis by using the HYDRUS-2D model.

J HYDROL. 2017; 554: 780-791. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Brunetti, G; Simunek, J; Piro, P A comprehensive numerical analysis of the hydraulic behavior of a permeable pavement.

J HYDROL. 2016; 540: 1146-1161. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Ghorbani-Dashtaki, S; Homaee, M; Loiskandl, W Towards using pedotransfer functions for estimating infiltration parameters.

HYDROLOG SCI J. 2016; 61(8): 1477-1488. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU

** Lundberg, A; Ala-Aho, P; Eklo, O; Klove, B; Kvaerner, J; Stumpp, C Snow and frost: implications for spatiotemporal infiltration patterns - a review.

HYDROL PROCESS. 2016; 30(8): 1230-1250. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Sakthivel, P; Elango, L; Amirthalingam, S; Pratap, CE; Brunner, N; Starkl, M; Thirunavukkarasu, M Managed aquifer recharge: the widening gap between law and policy in India.

WATER SCI TECH-W SUP. 2015; 15(6): 1159-1165. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Brunner, N; Starkl, M; Sakthivel, P; Elango, L; Amirthalingam, S; Pratap, CE; Thirunavukkarasu, M; Parimalarenganayaki, S Policy Preferences about Managed Aquifer Recharge for Securing Sustainable Water Supply to Chennai City, India.

WATER-SUI. 2014; 6(12): 3739-3757. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Shah, KH; Almaghrabi, B; Bohlmann, H Comparison of Expression Vectors for Transient Expression of Recombinant Proteins in Plants.

PLANT MOL BIOL REP. 2013; 31(6): 1529-1538. WoS PubMed FullText FullText_BOKU


** Ali, MA; Shah, KH; Bohlmann, H pMAA-Red: a new pPZP-derived vector for fast visual screening of transgenic Arabidopsis plants at the seed stage.

BMC BIOTECHNOL. 2012; 12: WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Olang, LO; Kundu, P; Bauer, T; Fürst, J Analysis of spatio-temporal land cover changes for hydrological impact assessment within the Nyando River Basin of Kenya..

Environ Monit Assess. 2011; 179(1-4):389-401 WoS PubMed FullText FullText_BOKU


** Papakyriacou, M., Mayer, H. Ermüdungsverhalten und Dauerfestigkeit von Graphit und Aluminium - infiltriertem Graphit.

Materialwiss. Werkstofftech., 37, 3, 264-271 WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Germann, PF; Zimmermann, M Directions of preferential flow in a hillslope soil. Quasi-steady flow.

HYDROL PROCESS. 2005; 19(4): 887-899. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Kikuta, SB Ultrasound acoustic emissions from bark samples differing in anatomical characteristics.

PHYTON-ANN REI BOT AUSTRIA. 2003; 43(1): 161-178. WoS


** Kampichler, C; Bruckner, A; Baumgarten, A; Berthold, A; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S Field mesocosms for assessing biotic processes in soils: How to avoid side effects.

EUR J SOIL BIOL. 1999; 35(3): 135-143. WoS


** Liebhard, P., Eitzinger, J., Klaghofer, E. Einfluß der Primärbodenbearbeitung auf Infiltration und Bodenwasservorrat im oberösterreichischen Zentralraum (Teil 4)..

Die Bodenkultur, 45, 4, 297-311 WoS

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