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Gewählte Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit:

Panagiotis Spyridis (2013): Analysis of lateral openings in tunnel linings.
Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit - Institut für Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau (IKI), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 100. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Datenquelle: ZID Abstracts
The present study discusses the structural response of tunnels when a near circular breakout is performed laterally at their lining. In the first part, this thesis is set in its context, by providing some main concepts of tunneling design and construction, aspects of the numerical modeling with focus on underground structures, analytical solutions for openings in shells/plates from literature, and some main elements with respect to the layout and the descriptive geometry of the idealized investigated structural systems. Furthermore, the investigated systems and the description of the investigation methods is provided, this mainly being linear-elastic finite elements analysis, yet with inclusion of analytical solutions for reference and with some analysis assuming non-linear soil behavior in order to investigate particular aspects in the discussed systems. This thesis comes to contribute to the little hitherto available in literature with respect to the soil structure-interaction and the structural behavior at tunnel breakouts and junctions, while certain reference is given for future projects through 35 analyzed cases.

Beurteilende(r): Bergmeister Konrad

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