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Gerald Ebner (2013): Modification of sustainable resources and their applications.
Dissertation - Abteilung für Chemie nachwachsender Rohstoffe, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 170. UB BOKU obvsg

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Chitosan and some of its derivatives possess antimicrobial properties. One aim of this thesis was to improve this biocide potency in order to be able to reduce its required amount or concentration. For this purpose, chitosan of different chain lengths, degrees of N-acetylation and a number of chitosan derivatives have been synthesized and their activity has been evaluated. Additionally, a novel encapsulation method based on renewable materials has been developed. The obtained capsules can be usefully applied in medical or food technology to achieve controlled release of active substances or to immobilize and protect living cells. The precursor substances are natural waste products, making the starting material easily available, sustainable, and cheap. Finally, the improvement of the enzymatic conversion of cellulose to glucose with the aid of ionic liquids has been investigated. Cellulase enzymes are employed to degrade cellulose but lead to an incomplete conversion of the raw material. In order to increase the yield and improve the reaction rate, the lignocelluosic raw material was dissolved and regenerated deploying ionic liquids.

Betreuer: Potthast Antje
1. Berater: Rosenau Thomas

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