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Doctoral Thesis - Institut für Pflanzenbau, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 57. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The low phyto-availability of phosphorus in the soil is a major constraint to soybean production. To evaluate the relations between seed size and seed P with shoot P uptake, two pot experiments were conducted under greenhouse conditions. In the first experiment (EXP1), 15 soybean genotypes with significantly different seed weights were grown in a substrate with a low P phyto-availability of 21.6 mg kg-1 for 30 days. In the second experiment (EXP2), a greenhouse pot experiment with two P supply treatments – low P (LP) vs. high P (HP) with a P phyto-availability of 6.17 and 68.12 mg kg-1 respectively – was undertaken, harvesting five genotypes of soybean differing in seed weight and shoot P uptake at 40 days after planting (DAP) based on the previous screening in EXP1. In EXP1, results demonstrated that at 30 DAP, shoot P uptake was significantly different between genotypes, and we found a strong, positive correlation between seed weight as well as seed P content and shoot P acquisition, shoot dry weight and total plant dry weight. The results also revealed that seed weight is stronger associated with shoot biomass than with root biomass. In EXP2, bivariate correlations of seed weight and seed P content with aboveground biomass or total plant biomass, as well as shoot P content showed that the early biomass accumulation is strongly governed by seed size and seed P content at LP. The seed weight and P content were both significantly and positively correlated with shoot P uptake both at LP and HP, nevertheless the correlation under LP was stronger. Furthermore, at LP the total shoot P uptake for each genotype was only slightly less than the average seed P for that genotype, which shows that theoretically mobilising the seed P content by itself is enough to meet the requirements of young plants until 40 DAP under P starvation conditions. Key words: Phosphorus deficiency. Seed P content. Seed weight. Root morphology. Early growth stages. Soybean genotypes.

Betreuer: Kaul Hans-Peter
1. Berater: Manschadi Ahmad M.
2. Berater: Bodner Gernot

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