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Erwin Steindl (2012): Entwicklung eines Schnittkraftmessgerätes für die Holz- und Holzwerkstoffbearbeitung.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Holzforschung (IHF), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 115. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
Chipping with geometrically defined cutting edges is one of the most important technologies in the wood industry. A test setup to determine the forces arising during the separation process was developed in this assignment. An instrumented impact pendulum was used for this test setup. The blades were mounted on a fixed abutment and directed through wood samples with a defined cutting speed and chip thickness. By doing so, dynamic cutting process of rotating knifes of woodworking machines was simulated. An essential part of the present work is the design, development, planning and technical implementation of the test setup. In a multistage process the test setup was developed with the help of a computer program after a basic feasibility study was conducted. The constructed components were manufactured and installed in the impact pendulum. Based on first experiments on solid wood, the correct operation of the developed experimental setup was demonstrated. The test setup will be used subsequently for scientific studies of cutting processes in wood and wood products.

Beurteilende(r): Müller Ulrich
1.Mitwirkender: Buksnowitz Christoph

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