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Ulrike Helga Anna Schöttner (2015): Vegetationsaufnahmen in verschiedenen Blühstreifen in Raasdorf.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Ökologischer Landbau (IFÖL), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 70. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The trial area belonging to the Division of Organic Farming of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna is located near Raasdorf in the intensely cultivated Marchfeld region in Lower Austria. At this trial area, three sown wildflower strips were established. This master’s thesis deals with vegetation surveys conducted in these strips. Strip 1 was sown in 1998 with a wild herb mixture. In 2012, four different management measures (soil disturbance in two degrees, sward cutting, mulching) were applied. Strip 2 was established in 2012. Divided into three parts, each third was sown with a different mixture. Mixtures included an annual mixture (FiBL mixture), a species rich regional wild herb mixture (Karin Böhmer mixture) and a Swiss wildflower mixture (UFA mixture). Additionally, the UFA mixture was divided in two parts, being sown in spring and autumn respectively. Strip 3 was sown in May 2014 with two commercially available mixtures originating from Germany and consisting of cultivated as well as wild plants (“Blühende Landschaft”, BL and “Veitshöchheimer Bienenweide”, VBW). Vegetation on all strips was recorded in July 2014, using Braun-Blanquet’s cover-abundance estimation. In strip 1, there was no difference in species number between the management measures. Grasses and shrubs invaded the whole strip. The mean species number was 23. In strip 2, the FiBL mixture hosted 14.5 species on average, thereof 3.5 species originating from the mixture. The Karin Böhmer mixture with a mean species number of 25.5 (16.3 sown species) was distinctly richer in species. The highest number of endangered species was recorded here. In the part sown with the UFA mixture, the mean species number was 12.4 (9.1 sown species). The difference between sowing in spring and autumn was a higher coverage of corn-cockle (Agrostemma githago) when sown in autumn. In strip 3, both mixtures have developed similarly and reached mean species numbers of 25.3 (BL) and 22.8 (VBW).

Beurteilende(r): Friedel Jürgen Kurt
1.Mitwirkender: Gollner Gabriele

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