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Doctoral Thesis - Abteilung Pflanzenbau, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 169. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
In response to drought, genotypic variations in potato, their interaction with the environment and management need to be evaluated. Considering transpiration efficiency (TE) as important trait for soil water saving and yield in potato, three glasshouse pot experiments were conducted with eleven genotypes collected from different countries. Contrasting genotypes for TE screened out in the glasshouse were tested for field performance once in Tulln and twice in Bangladesh. Plants were grown until the 9-12 leaf stage in pots filled with 6.0 kg substrate consisting of soil:sand:compost at 1:1:0.8 (v/v). At start of dry down treatment, all pots were brought to field capacity. Only one stem per plant was allowed in each pot by cutting additional stems at the base. Pots were then sealed by polyethylene bags to restrict water losses to transpiration (T). One set of plants was submitted to water stress (WS) and a 2nd set was kept well-watered (WW) near to field capacity. Daily T was measured gravimetrically. Dry down cycle was continued until T of all WS plants reached at 10% of WW plants. Glasshouse experiments in three different seasons showed variations in vapor pressure deficit (VPD). WS plants during progressive soil drying consumed almost half the water of WW plants. Total T was significantly different among the genotypes. A wide range of Fraction of Transpirable Soil Water (FTSW) threshold among the genotypes (0.19 to 0.36) was narrowed down (0.19 to 0.29) under high VPD condition. Significant variations in TE among the genotypes increased under water stress and decreased at high VPD condition. Genotypes Desiree, Diego and Caesar had high TE values but were not good in saving water. Water saving properties of a genotype, therefore, may be more based on root characteristics or different traits, which opens up a new window of research on drought stress in potato.

Betreuer: Kaul Hans-Peter
1. Berater: Manschadi Ahmad M.
2. Berater: Bodner Gernot

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