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Katharina Kircher (2020): ÖKOTOURISTISCHE UNTERKÜNFTE UND DIE ZUSAMMENARBEIT MIT SCHUTZGEBIETEN IN KÄRNTEN Eine Analyse von 12 ausgewählten Beherbergungsbetrieben in drei Schutzgebietsregionen..
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Landschaftsentwicklung, Erholungs- und Naturschutzplanung (ILEN), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 107. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
In this master thesis, accommodations focusing on ecotourism (eco-accommodations) and their cooperation with surrounding protected areas in Carinthia were examined. Based on the outcome of the interviews with representatives of the protected areas (national park, biosphere reserve, nature park), potential eco-accommodations were identified and contacted for an indepth-interview. The aim of this master thesis was to find out whether eco-accommodations exist in Carinthia and if there are cooperations between eco-accommodations and surrounding protected areas. The 15 expert interviews were transcribed, evaluated and discussed. By means of a qualitative content analysis according to Mayring the relevant content could be summarized and illustrated. Only four out of twelve accommodation operators stated that their business is a partner company of the protected area. Nine out of the twelve examined eco-accommodations cooperate with surrounding protected areas. A cooperation network in the region exists for 86.7 % of surveyed eco-accommodations. Nearly every accommodation establishment has a certification. All accommodation operators believe that their company is providing profit for the whole region. The support of nature conservation, which is important for the ecotourism, is only given by five accommodation operators. However, nearly all accommodation providers and the representatives of the protected areas are convinced that ecotourism is a great opportunity for the tourism development in Carinthia. In order to expand ecotourism in Carinthia, a working partner network is essential. The cooperation between the protected area management and the tourism industry is necessary. A clear marketing concept, which also advertises remote regions, could support the protected area regions as a travel destination.

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