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Gewählte Master / Diploma Thesis:

Robert Burgholzer (1995): Physiologische Untersuchungen von sulfidoxidierenden Bakterien (Thiotrix sp.).
Master / Diploma Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
Physiological studies of Thiotrix - a filamentous, sulphideoxidizing bacteria, leading to problems in waste water technology by sludge bulking. These bacteria utilize the oxidation of sulphide for the generation of energy. The energy state of the bacteria is characterized by the analysis of ATP. ATP formation was determined at various C:N - ratios. We found, that the C:N - ratio had great influence on the ATP - generation and in consequence on the growth of Thiotrix.

Beurteilende(r): Bayer Karl

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