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Michael Brandstaetter (1996): Beitrag zur Optimierung hydrolytischer Spaltungsreaktionen von Glutaryl-ACA durch Modellierung der Reaktionsverläufe zum Vergleich möglicher Verfahrenswege.
Master / Diploma Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
This investigation should help to optimize two hydrolytic clea- vage-reactions, appearing during the enzymatic production of 3-Desacetyl-7-Aminocephalosporanacic (HACA) from Cephalo- sporin C (Ceph C). For the 2-step enzymatic conversion process exist the following pathways: a) initial application of an acylase, followed by an esterase b) initial application of an esterase, followed by an acylase c) simultaneous application of an acylase and an esterase These alternatives schould be compared with respect to their yield of HACA. To attain this goal a computer model of the esterase-reaction (O-Deacylation) using two different substrates (Glutaryl-Amino- cephalosporanacid (Gl-ACA) and 7-Aminocephalosporanacid (7ACA)) had to be established. For the acylase-reaction using Gl-ACA and 3-Desacetyl-7-Glutaryl-Aminocephalosporanacid (DAGlACA) as substrates the same procedure was done. After determination and validation of the model-parameters, the models were combined to a more complex model simulating case c). These models could now be used to simulate the complete course of each reaction-path through selection of different initial concentrations of substrates involved and amount of enzymes. According to the signment of a secrecy agreement this diploma thesis cannot be published prior to 02.07.1998.

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