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Gewählte Doctoral Thesis:

Javier Lizasoain Arteaga (2018): Optimization of biogas production from lignocellulosic biomass through the utilization of steam explosion pretreatment.
Doctoral Thesis - Institut für Landtechnik, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 100. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
There is currently an increasing interest worldwide in the development of renewable energy sources. However, the use of biomass for biogas production has led to competition between energy and food production. This biomass contains a strong lignocellulosic complex, which limits the microbial conversion into biogas and therefore a pretreatment step is necessary. For reed, hay, maize and wheat straw different pretreatment conditions were applied to investigate their influence on the physico-chemical properties of the feedstock and in the bioconversion into biogas. On the one hand the pretreatment showed a clear effect on the physical degradation of the biomass. On the other hand, the chemical analysis of untreated and pretreated biomass showed the great potential of the steam explosion to hydrolyse the hemicellulose fraction. However, the application of very intensive pretreatment conditions led to side reactions, which significantly increased the lignin fraction. Such increases in lignin, which is well known by its high recalcitrance, led to a significant reduction of the BMP values. In the case of hay and maize straw, harsh pretreatment conditions even provided lower BMP values than those obtained in the untreated sample due to the high contents of recalcitrant compounds and inhibitors In addition, continuous biogas trials with steam-explosion corn straw were performed, which showed that this pretreatment is an efficient method for the use of this type of lignocellulosic biomass as substrate. The pre-treatment made it possible to obtain a homogeneous content in the fermenter and provided stable AD conditions. In addition, degradation tests were carried out which showed that a large part of the biomass could be made soluble by pretreatment. Moreover, the kinetic experiments showed that the steam explosion improved the biological degradation of biomass.

Betreuer: Gronauer Andreas
1. Berater: Bauer Alexander
2. Berater: Piringer Gerhard

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