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Stephan Pabst (2015): Transdisziplinäre Aktionsforschung zur Verbreitung von Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Österreich..
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsentwicklung, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 168. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is seen as a civic food network (CFN), build by it's civil society actors to transform the dominant agri-food system. As the CSA-movement in Austria is quite small still, but growing, it's future is uncertain. We, the researcher and a collective of activists, farmers and CSA-members, conducted a Transdisciplinary Action Research (TAR) project to gain more insights in the potentials and challenges of the growing CSA movement in Austria. The question is, how can the actors of those movements gain more influence without loosing sovereignty? Participative and emancipatory methods were combined with empiric studies, to gain knowledge about the goals, motivations and strategies of activists, consumer-members and farmers of 16 Austrian CSA initiatives and to facilitate a process of broad discussion and strategic planning based on this shared knowledge. We identified commonalities and some contradictions within the motives and the disposition of engagment of the respondents. The acteurs, who participated in the research, laid the foundation for institutionalizing the existing Austrian CSA-network, by drafting a charta and clarifying the tasks of a network organisation. Three central fields of work of an institutionalized CSA-network have been identified: Support of the foundation of new CSA-initiatives, public relational work and awareness raising activities and also the coordination of experience sharing and networking of CSA initiatives. The emancipatory character of the workshops made it possible, that the participating CSA-acteurs continued the workshops autonomously to find common ground and discuss conflicting issues. A good founded TAR, where the methods are developed in cooperation with the acteurs, seems to be suitable to strengthen civic food networks, such as CSA.

Beurteilende(r): Penker Marianne

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