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Sebastian Eibl (2015): Produktivität einer ökologisch geführten Kurzrasenweide in der Ost-Bayrischen Region.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Abteilung Pflanzenbau, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 49. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The effects of continuous grazing posture on livestock farming and plant cultivation were evaluated. The associated approach was conducted in the year 2014 at the research center LVFZ Kringell. Up to 73 young cattle of the Simmental breed between the ages of ½ to 3 years were available. The research center is organized biological. The grazing area was 16.8 ha. This work contained the determination of growth height and weight of the animals as well as plant population and meteorological data. The measurement of the growth height was conducted weekly by the cover method with folding rule. The weight was determined for five selected cattle and hence the daily weight increase could be calculated. The average growth height was 5.2 cm. According to STEINBERGER (2010) should it be between 4 cm to 5 cm. So the growth height just was slightly above the recommendation. Regarding the expertise of STEINWIDDER and WURM (2005) optimal growth height is between 6 cm to 8 cm. The determined growth height was occasionally below the expectations. Stocking capacity was at the beginning of pasture considerably below the recommendation of STEINWIDDER and WURM (2005). This circumstance lead to negative results in growth height. In almost the whole time of pasture stocking capacity as well as growth height were in an optimal range. The daily weight increase was highly varying from animal to animal. Partially good results of 1200 g daily weight gain were achieved. The screening of pasture population showed that despite extensive maintenance and pasture utilization for many years population had changed during the season. As expected the high stocking capacity lead to changes in plant population. This study showed that the “system of continuous grazing” can be an alternative relating to indoor housing of animals respectively portion pasture or turnover pasture for special agricultural holdings with appropriate areas.

Beurteilende(r): Liebhard Peter

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