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Gewählte Doctoral Thesis:

Benedikt Becsi (2022): Making Climate Change Tangible - Bridging the gap between scientific data and societal challenges related to climate change.
Doctoral Thesis - Institut für Meteorologie und Klimatologie, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 134. UB BOKU obvsg FullText

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
Over the last decades, climate science has made incredible progress and produced vast amounts of data. Ranging from globe-spanning outputs of global climate models to high-resolution local climate projections, climate data are available for all regions on Earth. On the other hand, planning for the impacts of climate change takes place on a regional and local level and within a societal and political environment. There is a significant gap between climate data and practical requirements that calls for processing, translation, and collaboration. This thesis presents a conceptual framework that embeds both the scientific and societal proceedings in the context of climate change impact assessments and adaptation planning. Within this framework, three approaches to make climate data more usable for practical planning are highlighted: Transdisciplinarity, climate indicators and effective visualisation of climate data. The main articles of the thesis provide case studies for each of the approaches, while the framework paper puts them into context with the overarching concept. All three approaches play an integral role in making climate data more tangible for climate-related societal challenges, but empirical studies and practical experiences are sparse. Tools, methods, and standardised procedures for applying these approaches in real-world settings remain open for further investigation.

Betreuer: Kromp-Kolb Helga
1. Berater: Formayer Herbert
2. Berater: Penker Marianne

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