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Alexander Kirnbauer (2018): Rückung mit Traktor und Seilwinde - Produktivität und Treibstoffverbrauch.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Forsttechnik (FT), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 72. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
In the Austrian forestry large and more efficient harvesting machines like harvesters and forwarders get more and more popular in timber harvesting operations. Nevertheless, the extraction system of tractor and winch is one of the most important systems for timber extraction. The aim of this thesis is the creation of a productivity and fuel consumption model for timber extraction with tractor and winch. In addition, the distribution of working time and a cost analysis of this system will be created. The examined machine combination is a Steyr 4095 Kompakt farm tractor with adaptions for forestry use and a Tiger 12 ton winch. In addition, the tractor was equipped with a timber grapple installed on the front loader of the tractor. The data collection were taken in a forest in Styria in the Murtal district. For the statistical analysis of the productivity 85 loads with a total volume of 220 m3 without bark are included. For the fuel consumption model, daily consumption data of ten days is used. The tree volume, the extraction distance, the number of pieces and the distance of winching are the significant factors influencing the productivity. With an average tree volume of 2,27 m3 without bark, a mean extraction distance of 29 meters and an average winching distance of 30 m the extraction system achieved a productivity of 4,96 m3 without bark/PSH15. The fuel consumption according to the model is 503,00 ml/m3 without bark. With 800 hours annual operating of the tractor and the accessory equipment of 450 hours, the system costs 77,5 €/PSH15. Taking average hourly costs and productivity as base results in costs for extraction and final bucking of 15,6 €/m3 without bark.

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