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Roland Guentner (2004): Geotechnische Projektleitung eines Tunnels für die Peter-Jordan-Strasse.
Master / Diploma Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The thesis deals with the geotechnical aspect of a planed tunnel under the Peter Jordan street for traffic division. The concept was prepared in close cooperation with the Institut for ¿Traffic and Transportation¿. The Peter Jordan street runs between the 18th and 19th districts of Vienna. It is a historical feeder road from the city centre to the green belt of the outer city districts. Today, the Peter Jordan street has become a busy thoroughfare which is not beneficial for many institutional buildings within the university. The possibility of creating a campus-like structure between the institutional buildings and traffic calming in the Peter Jordan street is being considered. The approach road will remain open to public transport, residents as well as bicyclists. The trough traffic will be diverted in three variants into tunnels. In one alternative variant the trough traffic will be diverted to an other street. By transferring traffic priorities several positive effects can be expected. On the one hand the university complex as regards to urban development will be enhanced. On the other hand living quality will also be impoved through emission reduction of exhaust fumes, noise and dust. Also noise reduction will lead to less stress which is an important health factor. Traffic will be fluent for road users. Any dangerous or narrow areas will be examined and where necessary be neutralised or improved. The Study examines four different possibilities to achieve traffic calming around the University complex. The first variant transfers traffic to other traffic types. In the second and third Variants the traffic building will be established through slurry trenching and open cut sites. The fourth Variant deals with purely mine- tunnelling methods.

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