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Nahed Ghuneim (2004): Optimierung des Wassereinsatzes in Bezug auf Landwirtschaftliche Erträge im Gaza-Streifen/Palästina am Beispiel der Erdbeere.
Doctoral Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The Middle East is among the driest regions on Earth. The Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip only have 100 cubic meters of water available per person per year on average, whereby drinking water only comprises a small share of the total water consumption - the biggest consumer of water in the Middle East is agriculture. The water shortage is reflected in the prices for irrigation water for strawberries, a crop now increasingly cultivated in the region,. The goal of this study hence has been to investigate whether or not two irrigation hoses per strawberry bed, equipped with 4.6 l/h, 2.3 l/h or 3.75 l/h drip-nozzles or three irrigation hoses with 4.6 l/h nozzles provide enough irrigation water to keep yields up. Results show that only two hoses per plant bed equipped with the smallest drip-nozzles (2.3 l/h) are sufficient. There was no significant reduction in yield (a difference in yield of only 7.8% was recorded); and at the same time, however, net profit could be maximized, increasing by 53%, with significantly lower production costs due to reduced water consumption and reduced diesel costs for the pumps. When irrigating with three hoses equipped with 4.6 l/h nozzles, strawberry farming generates losses under the given circumstances.

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