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Oliver Sanin (2005): Standsicherheitsuntersuchung an vernagelten Böschungen.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Geotechnik (IGT), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The stabilization of slopes with soil nailing is a subject of current research interest. There are numerous field tests on the stability of nailed slopes in the literature. However, most field tests deal with soil nails in combination with shotcrete as surface support. Little is known about alternative surface support other than shotcrete. Recently, systems of filigree surface support combined with vegetation technique have gained considerable popularity. Some laboratory model tests have been carried out on such a surface support system. In the present thesis, some results of a large scale field test on a filigree surface support are reported. The filigree surface support considered is the system Krismer, which has mainly been used as a constructive measure in erosion control for about 20 years. Recently, this system has been frequently used as surface support together with vegetation technique to stabilize steep slopes. This surface support has been dimensioned according to DIN 1045, where an earth pressure of about 85% of the active earth pressure is used. This is common design practice in dimensioning shotcrete surface support and is reasonable for steep slopes with an inclination between 70¢X and 90¢X. For slopes with an inclination less than 70¢X, however, the mechanism of such a support system is to avoid shear failure along slip surface rather than earth retaining. Moreover, it is to be proved that the forces acting on the nail heads are lower in soil nailing than in the use of anchors. The reasons for the different normal forces reside in the bearing behaviour of the retaining systems. Therefore, it became necessary to carry out a field test with a filigree, close-to-nature surface retaining system. An embankment was constructed for this purpose, retained with the Krismer¿¥ system, instrumented and shattered / destroyed by increasing the surcharge. This field test is to represent the first step toward the elaboration of an assessment criterion for dimensioning this kind of surface retaining systems.

BetreuerIn: Wu Wei

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