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Gewählte Master / Diploma Thesis:

Bernhard Wratschko (2006): Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Seilforwardern.
Master / Diploma Thesis - Institut für Forsttechnik (FT), BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 66. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
Application of Cable Forwarder For harvester and forwarder operations in steep terrain, the forwarder represents the limiting factor. In order to operate in this border area properly some forwarders were equipped with a cable winch. This study evaluates the operation of the cable-winch equipped forwarder Gremo 950 R. Among productivity and costs, the impact caused by the mode of operation to residual stand and soil has been researched. An empirical time study based on 44 loadings was carried out and a productivity model considering log volume, load volume, inclination and extraction distance were derived. By introducing the average observed values of 0,19 m³ for the log volume and 11.7 m³ for the cart load, a productivity of 15.6 m³/PSH15 were obtained. By an annual utilization of 1500 PMH the costs for the entire system including costs for operator conduct 116.8 ¤ per hour. For the harvester and forwarder operation the damage level on the residual stand was 11.7 %. About half of the damages originated by the cable forwarder. A significant relationship between rut depth and mode of operation with cable winch support respectively without has been found. Due to the cable winch support the rut depth was just half as deep as without. The cable forwarder was working on slopes with an average inclination of 39 %.

BetreuerIn: Stampfer Karl
2.BetreuerIn: Kanzian Christian

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