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Michael Pitzl (2008): Energiewirtschaftliche Untersuchungen an einem Niedrigenergiehaus.
Master / Diploma Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp XV, 101 Bl.. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The subject of analysis is a low-energy house in Upper Austria. The building has a living space of 1004 m² and for generating the necessary heat energy a heat pump with brine as heat source, a heat pump with air as heat source, a solar panel and a condensing oil boiler have been installed in the house. In this work the statutory framework of low-energy buidlings ist also presented to give an insight into the topic. The following directives are described: Grenn Paper of energy efficiency (2005), directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services 2006/32/EC, directive on the energy performance of buildings 2002/91/EC, Austrian Water Act of 1959 and the funding of residential buildings in Upper Austria. Another point of this work are the general aspects of a low-energy house. Therefore the technical, economical und environmental aspects have been investigated. The thermal properties of the low-energy house and the multiplex heating system have been obtained by physical measurements. Therefore the measurement of temperature with resistor thermometers and thermocouples and the flow measurement by woltman meters play a central role. The gained data are used for calculating key figures and their comparison with typical calues taken from technical papers. According to the results of the experiments this low-energy house complied with all statutory frameworks and the measured values were in the expected range, except the key values of the heat pump with brine as heat source were close below the anticipated coefficient of performance.

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