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Gewählte Master / Diploma Thesis:

Christian Rottensteiner (2008): Evaluation of the feller-buncher Moipu 400 E for energy wood harvesting.
Master / Diploma Thesis, BOKU-Universität für Bodenkultur, pp 50. UB BOKU obvsg

Data Source: ZID Abstracts
The Moipu 400 E energy wood harwarder grip is a conventional forwarder equipped with a Finnish feller-buncher head. The Moipu 400 E is equipped with a single-action shear, and has neither delimbing knives nor feed rollers. It is mounted on a forwarder’s crane and performs both felling and loading. The forwarder forwards the energy wood to the landing. Therefore just one machine – the harwarder – is able to perform the whole thinning operations. The aim of this master’s thesis was to evaluate the productivity and costs of a forwarder equipped with the energy wood harwarder grip Moipu 400 E, cutting coniferous and deciduous trees. Furthermore the objectives were to evaluate damages on the remaining stand, and to give practical recommendations for the machine system in the field. The energy wood was harvested in a 35-40 years old Scots Pine – Oak dominated stand. Stand density was reduced from over 4.700 stems per hectare to an average of 1.800 stems per hectare. The average removed tree volume was 0,057 m³ over bark. Productivity functions for all harvesting operations were formulated by applying regression analysis in which harvesting conditions (tree volume, removal, forwarding distance, slope etc.) were independent variables. The logging productivity was 4,11 m³/PSH0 (effective working hour) or 3,16 m³/PSH15 when the average tree volume was 0,057 m³ over bark, the average load volume was 3,71 m³, and the average forwarding distance was 88,8 m. The percentage of damages of the remaining stand was 12,3%. Expenses for the supply with chips (felling, forwarding, chipping, and transportation) were 91,60 €/PSH15 or 77,84 € per oven dry ton. Assuming a price of 78 € per oven dry ton, it is possible to gain a positive contribution margin. The feller-buncher head Moipu 400 E is best suited to cut Pine trees until a maximum cutting diameter at the butt of about 30 cm with ease; Oak and Beech up to 25 cm.

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