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Institute of Forest Ecology

Equipment, Knowhow, Services


Basic instrumentation laboratory for forest soils and forest nutrition
CNS-Analysator LECO SC444
collection of soil profiles
field equipment for quantification of nutrient- and toxic impacts in forests
FlA-System (Tecator)
forest field equipment for determination of hydrological parameter in forests
IC ionchromatography DIONEX 4500
ICP-OES Optima 3000 XL (Perkin Elmer)
Kjeltec 1030
LC-MS (Triplequad)
TOC-Analyzer for liquid samples (

Research Fields

environmental impact assessment and monitoring in forestry
forest climatology
forest ecology
forest ecology in developing countries
forest ecology in the cultural landscape
forest hydrology
forest management for landscape planning
forest meteorology
forest nutrition
forest site classification and mapping
forest soil science
urban forestry and road site trees


forest ecology projects for developing countries
analyses of plants, litter layer, mineral soil and liquid samples
environmental impact assessment
expertises on forest soil hydrology
greenhouse experiments with fertilizers
monitoring of forest ecosystems
research in national parks
soil physical investigations

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