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Research Fields

Alternative pulping and biorefinery approaches
Biorefinery analytics
cellulose and polysaccharide analytics
Chemistry of antioxidants, in particular tocopherols (vitamin E)
Chemistry of biomaterials
Conservation science of cellulosic objects
General cellulose and polysaccharide chemistry
Green chemistry
isotopic labeling (13C, 15N, 2H)
lignin chemistry and utilization
Mass spectrometry (hyphenated to GC, pyrolysis-GC, headspace-GC, SPME-GC, HPLC and HPCE, DESI and HPTLC as separation techniques)
NMR spectroscopy (liquid, gel and solid state)
Oxidation chemistry
paper and wet end chemistry
pulping and bleaching chemistry
radical chemistry
wood, pulp and fiber chemistry


analytics of complex biorefinery mixtures
Cellulose, polysaccharide and lignin analytics
chemical pulp, fibre and paper characterization
NMR measurements

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