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Research Fields

Biodiversity research and in-culture acquisition of plants for human consumption, nutrition, and health
Domestication of wild plants and use of underutilized crops
Ecophysiologically interactions of plants and horticultural planting systems with the environment
Health aspects in the cultivation of herbs and aromatic plants
Holistics and quality management (chain approach)
Horti-(agro-)biodiversity in horticultural crops
Horticultural plant production
Innovative farming systems: vertical farming, aquaponic, substrateless cultivation systems
Integrated production and organic farming
Management of secondary plant compounds in horticultural production
Modern plant using concepts focusing public green (close to nature, easy to clean, aesthetically effective)
Pannonian flora & wild perennials use
Plant resilience and stress management in horticultural crops
planting design, suitability of ornamentals
Quality aspects of horticultural products under various cropping systems, environmental influences, stressors, storage and processing systems (modeling and resource management)
Quality of produce and postharvest-management
stress and plant physiology of horticultural crops


innovative and conventional methods of quality assessment and determination of the physiological state of plants


Expertise in fruit-growing and horticulture
on request
public relations and decision support (horticulture)
public relations and teaching

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