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Institute for Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

Univ.Prof. Dipl.Geoƶkol. Dr.rer.nat. Karsten Schulz

Mission Statement

'Water is the origin of everything'. This quote from the Greek philosopher Thales of Milet (624-546 A.D.) is still valid in our times. Various human activities affect the water cycle, and adverse environmental impacts have to be facted. The main objectives of the institute are the analysis of interrelationship between water and the environment, the assessment of human induced environmental impact and the development of water management strategies harmonizing economic and ecological requirements. More specifically, topics in relation to hydrological modelling, water resources planning and management, river restauration, hydraulic engineering and hydropower utilization are lectured on and are emphazised in applied research.

Statistik Austria, science classification

Climate change
Fluid mechanics
Hydraulic engineering
Hydropower plant construction
Information systems
Natural hazards
Physical geography
Renewable energy
River engineering
Software development
Structural hydraulic engineering
Technical flood protection
Water infrastructure
Water management
Water protection
Water resources

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