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Institute of Landscape Planning

O.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Gerda Schneider

Mission Statement

Landscape planning is to be understood as an interdisciplinary planning discipline, which puts the different needs and utilization claims of the people at the center of consideration and is committed to sustainability. She is an applied engineering science on the basis of and due to the application of design, ecological and socio-economic knowledge. Planning processes, planning communication, planning theory and planning methodology are the subject of academic work in landscape planning.

The viewing spaces are urban and rural spaces and landscapes. Planning engagement with challenges such as climate change (e.g., urban heat islands), natural hazards (such as risk management, risk communication), innovative and affordable housing, and settlements (e.g., pop-up housing) play a major role. Focal points in teaching and research are landscape planning, open space planning, political and social ecology and economy, ecological climate-resilient urban and open space development, sustainable land use, mobility, everyday life and health, participatory processes and further education, feminist planning and gender and women's research in planning contexts.

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Augmented reality
Cultural landscape research
Gender mainstreaming
Landscape architecture
Landscape planning
Natural hazards
Spatial research
Urban and village renewal
Urban design
Urban planning
Vegetation science

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