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Institute for Transport Studies

Univ.Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Astrid Gühnemann

Mission Statement

The aim of our research and teaching is to make a significant contribution to the development of an integrated system of transport, space, environment and society that ensures essential mobility for people and goods in a sustainable way.

In research we:

(1.) analyse the interactions between mobility behaviour, transport system, society, economy, space and the environment;

(2.) collect data and create methodological foundations and tools for sustainable transport planning and sustainable mobility solutions;

(3.) actively contribute to the dissemination of knowledge through cooperation with partners from practice and administration and through community-oriented events;

(4.) work with utmost diligence and integrity to achieve evidence-based results of highest quality.

In teaching we:

(1.) equip our students with comprehensive knowledge and methodical tools needed for their professional careers;

(2.) convey latest knowledge in transport in a research-led approach and in interesting, varied and interactive teaching formats;

(3.) encourage and challenge our students' creativity and independence.

As institute we:

(1.) work respectfully in multi-disciplinary teams;

(2.) create an open atmosphere that supports creativity and allows out-of-the-box thinking;

(3.) promote the professional development of our staff;

(4.) make decisions in a transparent and participatory way.

Statistik Austria, science classification

Accident research
Behavioural economics
Child research, youth research
Disability studies
Educational research
Empirical social research
Energy saving
Environmental policy
Environmental protection
Environmental research
Gender studies
Leisure research
Location planning
Natural hazards
Noise protection
Pollutant emission
Railway construction
Railway engineering
Risk research
Road construction
Sustainable economics
Sustainable technologies
Technical environmental protection
Traffic engineering
Traffic psychology
Traffic telematics
Transport economics
Transport planning
University didactics
Urban and village renewal
Urban development planning
Urban planning

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