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Buzogany Aron

Nicht publizierte Präsentationen bei wissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen

Buzogány, Aron; Scherhaufer, Patrick (2022): Safeguarding Democracy and the Environment: Deliberative Citizen Climate Assemblies in Europe.

Twenty-Eighth International Conference of Europeanists "The Environment of Democracies", June 29 - July 1, 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

Prapotnik, Katrin; Nash, Sarah; Buzogány, Aron; Scherhaufer, Patrick; Ehs, Tamara (2022): Evaluating the Austrian Climate Assembly Input, Process and Output.

ECPR General Conference, Aug 22-26, 2022, Innsbruck, Austria

Scherhaufer, Patrick; Buzogány, Aron (2022): Framing Energy Futures: Comparing Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, and Ende Gelände in Germany.

Twenty-Eighth International Conference of Europeanists "The Environment of Democracies", June 20-22, 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

Scherhaufer, Patrick; Buzogány, Aron (2020): Social movements and their acts of civil disobedience in a comparative perspective.

11th International Sustainability Transition (IST) Conference, Aug 18-21, 2020, Vienna

BUZOGANY, A (2019): Class, history and public support for transformative policies.

“Challenging Climate Orthodoxy: Towards Transformative Policy Solutions”, Yale University , APR 5, 2019, New Haven, CT, USA

BUZOGÁNY, A. (2019): Back to the grassroots? Environmental activism in illiberal contexts .

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology, OCT 21, Budapest

Buzogány, A; Cetkovic, S (2019): Whose legislation? Voting on energy and climate policies in the European Parliament.

GOVTRAN Workshop “Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Governance in Turbulent Times”, SEP 30-OCT 1, ROMA, IT, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

Scherhaufer, Patrick; Buzogany, Aron (2019): Between illegal protests and legitimate resistance. Civil disobedience against energy infrastructures.

3-Länder-Tagung, FEB 14-16, 2019, ETH Zurich

Buzogany, A Cetkovic, S (2018): Geopolitics and the Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions in Central and Eastern Europe: Breaking or Reinforcing the Dependency? .

ECPR General Conference , AUG 22-25, Hamburg

Buzogany, A Cotta, B (2018): The pendulum swings back. State-market relations and re-regulation of public utilities.

The Annual Conference of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP, Società Italiana di Scienza Politica) , SEP 6-8, Torino

Buzogany, A Mersch, C (2018): Green Manifestos: Political Parties and Renewable Energy Policy .

Tag der Politikwissenschaft, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft, 29.-30. NOV. 2018 , Universität Innsbruck

Börzel, T; Buzogány, A. (2017): Compliance with EU Environmental Law. The Iceberg is Melting .

Euroean Union Studies Association Fifteenth Biennial Conference, Miami Florida, May 4-6, 2017, Miami, FL

Buzogány, A (2017): Comparing clean energy transitions over the regime divide, “Unlike Twins?! Comparing Democracies and Autocracies“, .

Conference of the Comparative Politics Section of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) , 15–17 March 2017, Tübingen

Buzogány, A (2017): Sustainability transitions and the double movement Towards a Polányian framework.

European Consortium of Political Research, Joint Sessions 2017, Beyond the Environmental State? Exploring the Political Prospects of a Sustainability Transformation, April 25-30, 2017, Nottingham

Buzogány, A (2017): Zukunftsfragen europäischer Umweltpolitik: Bessere Umsetzung durch „Better Regulation“?.

Berlin Sustainability Talk , 8.2.2017, Freie Universität Berlin, FFU

Buzogány, A; Börzel T A (2017): Compliance with EU environmental law in the member states: A longue durée perspective.

The Future of Environmental Policy in the European Union, 19-21 Januar 2017, Göteborg, Universithy of Gothenburg

Buzogány, A, Ferré N (2017): Conflict, cooperation or cooptation? "Civil society" in the European Neighbourhood Policy .

European Consortium for Political Research, Joint Sessions 2017, April 25-30, 2017, Nottingham

Buzogány, A Szegedi L (2017): Environmental Mobilisation and Standing Rights in the EU: Towards a Level Playing Field?.

24th International Conference of Europeanists 'Sustainability and Transformation' , JUL 12-14, Glasgow

BUZOGANY, A COTTA, B (2017): Unmaking Europeanization: Policy Change in the Waste and Water Sector in Hungary.

ECPR General Conference, SEP 5-9, Oslo

Buzogány, A (2016): Dimensions of overlapping integration  in the post-soviet space .

Political Development between Competing Empires: In Search of Sustainable Political and Economic Orders», DEC 2-3, Kyiv, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Acadamy (NaUKMA)

Buzogány, A (2016): Social Mobilization and Participation: Testing the 'Dark Side of Civil Society' – Argument.

INNOVATION IN POLITICAL PARTICIPATION AND Social movement research - challenging theoretical and methodological boundaries, University of Vienna , NOV 14-15, 2016, Vienna, Austria

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