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Call Lisa-Maria

Nicht publizierte Präsentationen bei wissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen

Call, L (2021): Amylase-trypsin inhibitors (ATIs) - Potential triggers of wheat-related diseases.

1st Virtual Wheat Quality Meeting, NOV 24-25, 2021, Online

Call, L (2021): Effects of species, breeding and environmental conditions on wheat tolerability.

16th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress, MAR 29-31, 2021, Online

Call, L (2021): Sourdough as a tool to improve digestibility.

Sourdough: A tool to improve flavour, sustainability and digestibility, APR 21, 2021, Online Webinar

Call, L (2020): Characterization of wheat components related to hypersensitivities.

15. Dreiländertagung der DGE, ÖGE und SGE "Update D-A-CH-Referenzwerte für die Nährstoffzufuhr - vulnerable Gruppen entlang des Lebenszyklus", NOV 19-20, 2020, ONLINE-MEETING

Grausgruber H., Call L., Haider E., Reiter E., D'Amico S. (2020): ATI synthesis in the developing wheat grain.

First International ATI Workshop, 3-5 February 2020, Amsterdam

Bender, D, Call, L, Schoenlechner R (2019): Ohmic heating- A novel approach for gluten-free bread baking.

Webinar FoodFactory-4-Us Sustainable Cereals Competition, DEZ 3, 2019, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Call, L; Reiter, E; Strnad, I; Wenger-Oehn, G; Grausgruber, H; Schoenlechner, R; D'Amico, S (2019): Determination of Amylase-Trypsin-Inhibitors in Wheat.

19th ICC Conference - Science meets Technology, APR 24-25, 2019, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Call, L; D'Amico, S; Reiter, E; Grausgruber, H; Schoenlechner, R; (2017): Composition of dietary fibre in different wheat species and varieties from Austria.

Whole Grain Summit, NOV 13-15, 2017, Vienna, AUSTRIA

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