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Susilo Yusak

Nicht publizierte Präsentationen bei wissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen

Bin, E., Andruetto, C., Susilo, Y.O., and Pernestål, A. (2021): The trade-off behaviours between virtual and physical activities during COVID-19 pandemic period. .

The 100th US Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, January 5-8 and 11-15, Washington DC (online)

Alhassan, I.; Matthew, B.; Toner, J.; Susilo, Y.O. (2020): Public Transport Users’ Valuation and Willingness-to-Pay for a Multi-Regional and Multi-Operator Integrated Ticketing System. [Poster]

The 99th US Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, JAN 12-16, 2020, Washington, D.C., USA

Guo, J.; Susilo, Y.O.; Pernestål, A (2020): Temporal Elements of Expectation and Perception in Adopting Autonomous Buses Services.

The 99th US Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting 2020, JAN 12-16, 2020, Washington, D.C., USA

Palmberg, R.C.O.; Susilo, Y.O.; Gidófalvi, G.; Naqavi, F. (2020): Towards a better understanding of the health impacts of one’s movement in space and time.

Mobile Tartu, JUN 30, 2020, Tartu (Online)

Rubensson, I; Susilo, Y.O.; and Cats, O. (2020): Fair Accessibility – Operationalizing the Distributional Effects of Policy Interventions. [Poster]

The 99th US Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting 2020, JAN 12-16, 2020, Washington, D.C., USA

Stojanovski, T; Susilo, Y (2020): Flexible Parking - a Model for Calculating Parking Norms Based on Urban Form and Accessibility Factors.

The 11th annual Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD), MAY 25-27, 2020, Vienna (Online)

Susilo, Y.O. (2020): Expectation, Adoption, and Appreciation of an Automated Bus Service: A longitudinal analysis.

Smart Transportation in Challenging Reality - webinar series (in Hebrew), webinar no. 1: Travel Behavior and Smart Cities, September 22, 2020, the Israeli Center for Smart Transportation Research, Israel (online)

Susilo, Y.O. (2020): Ride of the Future: A dance between people and technology.

School of Engineering Seminar Series, 12 February 2020, Newcastle

Susilo, Y.O. (2020): Travelling during pandemic: Preliminary evidences from Europe.

Transportasi Publik di Era New Normal (online), 8 August 2020, Universitas Tidar, Indonesia (online)

Vaddadi, B; Susilo, Y.; Pernestål, A.; Kramers, A (2020): Measuring System-level Impacts of Co-Working on Transport Systems.

European Transport Conference, SEP 9-11, 2020, Milan, ITALY (Online)

Zhao, X.; Susilo, Y.O.; Pernestål, A. (2020): The long term acceptance pattern of automated public transport service: Evidence from Stockholm.

The 3rd Symposium on Management of Future Motorway and Urban Traffic Systems, JUL 6-7. 2020, Luxembourg (Online)

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