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Liedermann Marcel Georg

Nicht publizierte Präsentationen bei wissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen

Tritthart, M; Binder, J; Glas, M; Liedermann, M; Habersack, H; Hauer, C (2022): Sediment Replenishment in the Austrian Danube: Combining Insights from Monitoring and Modelling Gravel Bar Morphodynamics .

3rd Meeting on Bar Morphodynamics, 16.09.2022, Trento, ITALIA

Liedermann, M; Gmeiner, P; Pessenlehner, S; Habersack, H (2019): A Method for Measuring Plastic Transport in Large and Medium Rivers .

Riverine Litter Workshop, JUNI 4-5, 2019, Paris

Bondar-Kunze E., Keckeis H., Rösler S., Gmeiner P., Liedermann M. & Hein T. (2017): How ship-induced wave trains affect riverine shoreline communities and the efficiency of morphological measures to mitigate these effects . [Poster]

6th International Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, 2 - 3 November 2017, Salzburg

Liedermann, M; Gmeiner, P; Tritthart, M; Haimann, M; Habersack, H (2015): River Monitoring – Improved Process Understanding based on new Monitoring Techniques.

Joint CDL Workshop on Scale Issues in Multi-Dimensional Flows, 24.06.2015 - 25.06.2015, Vienna, Austria

Liedermann, M.; Tritthart, M.; Hauer, C.; Habersack, H. (2013): Monitoring and Modelling of Sediment and Habitat at the Alluvial Zone National Park of the Austrian Danube .

5th Symposium for Research in Protected Areas, 10.06.2013 - 12.06.2013, Mittersill, Austria

Liedermann, M (2012): Monitoring und Modellierung als Grundlage für einen modernen Wasserbau .

Kulturtechnik und Wasserwirtschaft - heute: Wasserbau an der BOKU, NOV 20, 2012, Wien

Liedermann, M., Tritthart, M., Habersack, H. (2011): Selected results and methods of monitoring studies at the Danube River East of Vienna.

International Conference on the Status and Future of the World's Large Rivers, APR 11-14, 2011, Vienna

Schober, B.; Tritthart, M.; Liedermann, M.; Habersack, H. (2009): Application of an integrated sediment transport model at a large gravel bed river - bridging the gap between measurements and calculations.

Environmental Hydraulics 2009 - Theoretical, Experimental and Computational Solutions, 29.10.2009 - 30.10.2009, Valencia, Spain

Liedermann, M. (2008): Bedload sampling using an innovative ultrasonic device and its validation by applying a well approved method. [Poster]

River Flow 2008, 3.-5.9.2008, Cesme-Izmir

Marcel Liedermann (2007): Innovative Monitoring Methods in the Context of the Integrated Danube River Engineering Project between Vienna and Bratislava.

InWaterTec, October 9th to 11th, 2007, Kiel FullText

HAUER, C., LIEDERMANN, M., HABERSACK, H. (2006): The application of hydrodynamic models as integrative tool between flood protection and ecological demands using a morphologically based evaluation method.

International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, 6-8 September 2006, Lisbon

Klösch M., Niederbrucker R., Kammerer G., Loiskandl W., Formann E., Seitz H., Tritthart M., Liedermann M., Habersack H., (2006): Riverbank Hydrology and Channel Width Adjustment: The Importance of Matric Potential in Monitoring and Modelling Riverbank Erosion Processes - Case Study at the Drau River, Austria. [Poster]

SoPhyWa, 28.-29.09.2006, Wien

Liedermann, M. (2006): Comprehensive Monitoring Concept in the Context of the Integrated Danube River Engineering Project between Vienna and Bratislava. [Poster]

XXIII Conference of the Danubian Countries, 28.-31.8.2006, Belgrad

Liedermann, M. (2006): Integrated Danube River Engineering Project East of Vienna - Abiotic Monitoring of Restoration, Bed Stabilisation and Navigation.

EGU General Assembly 2006, 2.-7.4.2006, Wien

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