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Weber Andreas

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Weber, A; Zbiral, B; Benitez, R; Vivanco, MdM; Toca-Herrera, J.L. (2021): Power Law Rheology to Describe Cell Mechanics.

26th Congress of the ESB (ESBiomech2020), JUL 11-14, 2021, Milan, Italy

Zbiral, B; Weber, A; Vivanco, M dM; Toca-Herrera, J L (2021): Tamoxifen Resistance Leads to Softening of Breast Cancer Cells. [Poster]

26th Congress of the ESB (ESBiomech2021), JUL 11-14, 2021, Milan, ITALY

Zbiral, B; Weber, A; Vivanco MdM; Toca-Herrera, J. L. (2021): Hypoxic conditions alter breast cancer cell mechanics and rheology. [Poster]

12th Annual Symposium Physics of Cancer, AUG 30 - SEP 1, 2021, Leipzig, Germany

Andreas Weber, Jagoba Iturri, José Luis Toca-Herrera (2020): From nano to micro - AFM and biomaterials.

Cancer Heterogeneity Lab, JAN 27, 2020, CIC BioGUNE, Cancer Heterogeneity Lab, Bilbao

Weber, A; Iturri, J; Benitez, R; Vivanco, MdM; Toca-Herrera, J.L. (2019): Does estrogen receptor drug binding influence breast cancer cell viscoelasticity?.

Cell Physics 2019, OCT 09-11, 2019, Saarbrücken, Germany

Iturri, J.; Sumarokova, M.; Weber, A.; Toca-Herrera, J.-L. (2018): Unravelling mechanical properties of biopolymer films by means of Force Spectroscopy.

4th International Conference on Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials (ISBPPB), JUL 15-18, Krakow, POLAND

Weber, A; Iturri, J; Zemlic-Jokhadar, S; Benitez, R; Toca-Herrera, J.L. (2018): Atomic Force Microscopy as Mechanical Tool to study cell mechanics.

14th Greta Pifat Mrzljak International School of Biophysics, AUG 23 - SEP 01, 2018, Split, CROATIA

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