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Plank Christina

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Plank, C (2023): Agrar- und Ernährungswende klimasozial gestalten.

Klimawissen online #5,, 17.01.2023, Graz, AUSTRIA

Aigner, E; Plank, C; Taschwer, M; Theine, H (2022): Discussing climate-social policies in Austria: Tentative application of a newframework to the field of public health.

Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Public Health, 17.05.2022, Online, AUSTRIA

Barlow, N; Regen, L; Cadiou, N; Chertkovskaya, E; Holleweg, M; Plank, C; Schulken, M; Wolf, V (2022): Degrwoth & Strategy: how to bring about social-ecological transformation.

Book presentation, 21.06.2022, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Hafner, R; Dorn, F; Brunner, A-M, Plank, C (2022): Going beyond the rational, or: how visceral methods can enhance research outcomes.

Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Conference 2022/3, 28.7.2022, Online, Durban, South Africa,

Pixová, M; Plank, C (2022): ‘Alternatives’ to the corporate food dominance as an indispensable condition of societal resilience.

Facets of Resilience Conference, 21.11.2022, Prag, CZECH REPUBLIC

Pixová, M; Plank, C (2022): Relocalizing food production in times of crisis: Urban governance in Prague and Brno.

Climate and the Challenges and opportunities of Urban Agriculture – International Workshop, 19.10.2022, The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS

Plank, C (2022): Die Green Deal Ziele und ihre Bedeutung für die GAP.

Mind the GAP! Wie grün und gerecht ist Landwirtschaft in Zukunft?,, Wien, AUSTRIA, 24.03.2023

Plank, C (2022): Discussing real-existing degrowth.

Green Academy, 27.08.2022 - 31.08.2022, Vis, CROATIA

Plank, C (2022): Food provisioning from an ecofeminist perspective.

Shaping provisioning-systems for social-ecological transformation,, 08.11.2022, Online; Vienna, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2022): Handlungsfeld Ernährung.

Globaler Fußabdruck der Wiener Ernährung, 11.11.2022, Wien, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2022): Herausforderung Ernährungswende.

Denk.Mal.Global, Südwind,, 09.02.2022, Linz, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2022): Ungleichheit im globalen Agrar- und Ernährungssystem.

8. Entwicklungstagung, 11.11.2022 - 13.11.2022, Linz, AUSTRIA

Plank, C; Pixová, M (2022): The role of ‘alternatives’ in the Czech corporate food regime: between incorporation and counterhegemonic struggles.

AK Agri-Food Geographies Inaugural Meeting, 21.04.2022 - 22.04.2022, Vechta, GERMANY

Plank, C; Pixová, M (2022): The role of ‘alternatives’ in the Czech third food regime: from Western consumerism to incorporation and building a “parallel world”.

Rethinking European Uneven Development: COVID-19 and Beyond, 20.05.2022, Graz, AUSTRIA

Theine, H; Plank, C; Aigner; E (2022): Discussing Climate-Social Policies in Austria: Insights from a Book Project.

Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics , 09.07.2022 - 11.07.2022, Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Barlow, N; Plank, C; Regen, L; Schulken, M; Wolf, V (2021): Book presentation: Degrowth & Strategy .

8th International Degrowth Conference, AUG 24-28, 2021, The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS

Plank, C; Duncan, J; Moragues Faus, A (2021): Strategizing social-ecological transformation: The Farm for Fork Strategy within the European food sovereignty movement.

8th International Degrowth Conference, AUG 24-28, 2021, The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS

Plank, C; Mamonova, N; Velicu, I; Delibas, H (2021): Capitalist transformations and emerging food movements in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thirty years of capitalist transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: Inequalities and Social Resistance, MAY, 20-22 2021, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Görg, C; Plank, C; Liehr, S; Hummel, D; Wiedenhofer, D; Haberl, H (2020): Doing more with less: Provisioning Systems and the Transformation of the Stock-Flow-Service Nexus.

Research Seminar Institute of Social Ecology, JUN 3, 2020, Vienna, AUSTRIA [online]

Bohunovsky, L; Kniepert, M; Plank, C; Schmitz, D (2019): As if the real world mattered: How to foster inter- and transdisciplinarity in teaching and research.

2nd Vienna Conference on Pluralism in Economics, APR 15-16, 2019, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Buschmann, D; Plank, C (2019): Transformative adaptation: Municipalities as radical adaptation laboratories.

Konferenz "Great Transformation: Die Zukunft moderner Gesellschaften", SEP 23-27, 2019, Jena, GERMANY

Plank, C (2019): How agrofuel policies backfire: political-ecological blind spots in the European Union and Ukraine.

Ringvorlesung "Antworten auf den Klimawandel: Green economy, Postwachstum, ökosozialistische Alternative?", Universität Salzburg, MAY 16, 2019, Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2019): Land Grabbing und Agrartreibstoffprojekt: Die Ukraine im Fokus.

Ringvorlesung "Nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung", Alpen-Adria-Universität, MÄR 14, 2019, Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2019): Solidarische Landwirtschaft im dritten Food Regime Österreichs.

Ringvorlesung "Ernährungssouveränität - Theorie und Praxis eines alternativen Lebens- und Agrarsystems", Universität für Bodenkultur, JUN 6, 2019, Wien, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2019): Solidarische Landwirtschaft im dritten Food Regime Österreichs.

IPW Lecture, DEZ 10, 2019, Universität Wien, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2019): Towards the ecological catastrophe or an opportunity to change the course? Rebalancing labour, state, and capital in climate politics. A commentary.

Critical European Studies Workshop, MAY 10-11, Lviv, UKRAINE

Görg, C, Mayer, A; Pichler, M; Plank, C; Schaffartzik, A; Wiedenhofer, D; Krausmann, F (2018): Analysing Great Acceleration(s). Analytic challenges for Social-Ecological Transformations.

Internationaler Forschungsworkshop "Transition Impossible?" Ambiguous Transformations and the Resilience of Unsustainability”, Institute for Social Change and Sustainability (IGN), Vienna University for Economics and Business, SEP 19-21, 2018, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Haberl, H; Plank, C; Krausmann, F (2018): Vienna’s Biodiversity Footprint. A multi-scale analysis outlining options to reduce urban pressures on biodiversity.

Projektpräsentation Stadt Wien, SEP 11, 2018, Wien, ÖSTERREICH

Kaufmann, L; Plank, C (2018): Österreichs Ernährung und Klimapolitik.

Österreichs Klimapolitik am Prüfstand, Grüne Strategien – eine Dialogreihe, Klima und Ernährung, OKT 12, 2018, Wien, ÖSTERREICH

Plank, C (2018): Filmgespräch zum Film "Das Grüne Gold" im Rahmen von Hunger.Macht.Profite.

Podium: Christian Plank, Brigitte Reisenberger, NOV 29, 2018, Krems, ÖSTERREICH

Plank, C (2018): Kommentar zu Bob Jessop "Reading Marx for insights into 21st century capitalism".

SpezialVO: Ringvorlesung zur Aktualität des Marx'schen Denkens, IPW, Universität Wien, May 15, 2018, Wien, ÖSTERREICH

Plank, C (2018): Land Grabbing und Agrartreibstoffe: Die Ukraine im Fokus, RV Nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung.

Ringvorlesung Nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung, BOKU, APR 11, 2018, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2018): Memorandum on the necessity for research focused on social-ecological transformation in Austria.

4th International Conference Growth in Transition "Europe's Transformation: Where People Matter" (Session: Social-ecological transformation in Research and Politics), Nov 14-15, 2018, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2018): Only one planet but different limits? Understanding natural and social limits from a Political Ecology perspective.

6th International Degrowth Conference (Session: How to deal with limits?), AUG 21-25, 2018, Malmö, SWEDEN

Plank, C; Pichler, M; Wiedenhofer, D (2018): Flash talk: Provisioning systems, services and the Stock-Flow-Sercive nexus.

Expert Workshop Conceptualizing services and the stock-flow-service nexus, OCT 22-23, 2018, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Plank, C (2017): Alternative food networks and food sovereignty in Central and Eastern Europe.

Conference “Alternative food supply networks in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards new grounds for interpretation and collaboration”, 13/10/2017, Riga FullText

Plank, C (2017): Imaging Biofuels in the Black Earth: A historic-materialist policy analysis.

8th Annual Conference in Political Economy, IIPPE - International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy, 13/09/2017, Berlin FullText

Plank, C (2017): Sustainability, food sovereignty and degrowth in Central and Eastern Europe: Reflecting on the “quietness".

Quiet degrowth and loud thunder: perspectives from the European Semi-Periphery, 22/09/2017, Ljubljana

Plank, C (2017): Sustainable modes of production and consumption: Challenges for Community Supported Agriculture in Austria.

ÖGS Kongress 2017 "Soziologie zwischen Theorie und Praxis", 08/12/2017, Graz FullText

Plank, C (2017): The global land grab and its implications for Ukraine.

Land Concentration in Ukraine, 13/07/2017, Kiew FullText

Plank, C; Totter, K (2017): Agrartreibstoffe und sozialökologische Konflikte.

Palmöl: Das fette Problem, 16/11/2017, Graz FullText

Schaffartzik, A; Mayer, A; Brad, A; Plank, C (2016): Is Sustainability Stuck in a Vicious Circle?.

Third ISA Forum of Sociology, 12/07/2016, Universität Wien FullText

Plank, C; Schaffartzik, A; Brad, A (2014): Sustainable Agrofuels? Analyzing a Vicious Cycle.

International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) Conference 2014: Wellbeing and Equity within Planetary Boundaries, 15/08/2014, University of Iceland, Reykjavik

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