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Mehdi Bano

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Baldan, D; Feldbacher, E; Piniewski, M; Gumpinger, C; Höfler, S; Flödl, P; Mehdi, B; Hauer, C; Hein, T (2019): Catchment scale implementation of natural small water retention measures to improve river habitat and reduce siltation risk.

6th Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science, SEPT 8-13, 2019, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Baldan, D; Funk, A; Hauer, C; Piniewsky, M; Mehdi, B; Gumpinger, C; Höfer, S; Hein, T (2019): An ecohydrological modelling cascade to assess the factors responsible for the catchment scale distribution of Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera margaritifera.

The International Society for Ecological Modeling Global Conference 2019, OCT 1-5, 2019, Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Matulla, C.; Hollosi, B.; Schulz, K.; Schürz, C.; Pressl, A.; Ertl, T.; Mehdi, B.. (2016): UnLoadC3: Climate change modelling as part of an uncertainty assessment coping with modeling the future of hydrological regimes and chemical pollution loads within two prealpine river catchments.. [Poster]

International Conference on Regional Climate-CORDEX 2016 (ICRC-CORDEX 2016), MAI 17-20, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Matulla, C.; Hollosi, B.; Schulz, K.; Schürz, C.; Pressl, A.; Ertl, T.; Mehdi, B. B. (2015): Unsicherheitsanalyse - Hydrologische Adaptationsmaßnahmen. [Poster]

6. Österreichischer MeteorologInnentag, NOV 5-6, 2015, Wien, Österreich

Mehdi, B., Ludwig, R., Lehner, B. (2013): Impacts of climate change and land use change on the future surface water quality in the Altmühl.

Wasserwirtschaftsamt Ansbach, 9 October, Gunzenhausen

Mehdi, B., Lehner, B., Gombault, C., Beaudin, I., Michaud, A., Sottile, M-F., Ludwig, L. (2012): Land use change impacts on surface water quality in an agricultural mesoscale watershed.

ASABE Conference , May 31, Bari

Mehdi, B., Lehner, B., Ludwig, R. (2011): Veränderungen der Landwirtschaft im Altmühl Einzugsgebiet (2040).

Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, 3 November, Augsburg

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