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Matej Sarah

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Haberl, H; Virág, D; Matej, S; Haas, W; Smetschka, B; Wiedenhofer, D; Rau, H (2023): Stocks, Flows, Services and Practices: Nexus Approaches for Socio-metabolic Mobility Studies.

11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology (ISIE): Transitions in a world in turmoil, 02.07.2023 - 05.07.2023, Leiden, The Netherlands

Brenner, AK; Matej, S; Krüger, T; Behnisch, M; Haberl, H; Haas, W (2022): Learning form the past for the transformation towards sustainability: 35 years of densification and expansion in Vienna.

14th ISIE SEM Conference: Transforming socio-economic metabolism in times of multiple crises, 19.09.2022 - 21.09.2022, Vienna, Austria

Kaufmann, L; Semenchuk, P; Matej, S; Kalt, G; Kastner, T; Erb, KH; Dullinger, S; Krausmann, F (2022): The urban biomass sprawl: An analysis of Vienna's biomass metabolism and its global environmental impacts.

14th ISIE SEM Conference: Transforming socio-economic metabolism in times of multiple crises, 19.09.2022 - 21.09.2022, Vienna, Austria

Mayer, A; Kalt, G; Kaufmann, L; Röös, K; Mueller, A; Weisshaidinger, R; Frehner, A; Roux, N; Smith, P; Theurl, MC; Matej, S; Erb, KH (2022): A biophysical multi-scenario sustainability evaluation of agroecological agri-food systems in the European Union.

International Ecology Conference - INTECOL 2022: Frontiers in Ecology: Science & Society, 28.08.2022 - 02.09.2022, Geneva, Switzerland

Roux, N; Kaufmann, L; Bhan, M; Le Noe, J; Matej, S; Kastner, T; Bondeau, A; Haberl, H; Erb, KH (2022): Embodied HANPP of feed and animal products: tracing pressure on ecosystems along trilateral livestock supply chains 1986-2013.

14th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics: Will Achilles catch up with the Tortoise?, 14.06.2022 - 17.06.2022, Pisa, Italy

Roux, R; Maguet, M; Kaufmann, L; Matej, S; Erb, KH; Gingrich, S (2022): Spillovers in telecouled biomass supply chains: unraveling the role of intermediate countries in driving pressure on land ecosystems.

American Geophysical Union (AGU Fall Meeting), 16.12.2022, Online

Roux, N; Kaufmann, L; Bhan, M; Matej, S; Kastner, T; Erb KH; Haberl, H (2021): Der HANPP-Rucksack: eine Analyse der Auswirkungen land- und forstwirtschaftlicher Produkte auf die Produktivität terrestrischer Ökosysteme.

Wood K plus Ökobilanzwerkstatt: Ressourcen in einer Kreislaufwirtschaft mit Schwerpunkt auf Bodennutzung, SEP 22, 2021, Vienna, Austria

Bhan, M; Gingrich, S; Fritz, S; Matej, S; Erb, KH (2020): Characterizing land use impacts on carbon stocks and tree cover in the tropics. [Poster]

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2020 Meeting (Session: Tropical Forests under a Changing Environment), DEC 1-17, 2020, [online] FullText

Egger, C; Theurl, MC; Mayer, A; Kaufmann, L; Matej, S; Erb, KH (2019): Starting with livestock induced biomasse flows and feasible food systems in 2050 and ending with choices at the farm level.

Annual Meeting of European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP 2019): Animal Farming for a Healthy World, AUG 26-30, 2019, Ghent, BELGIUM

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