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Bhan Manan

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Bhan, M (2020): Quantifying and attributing land use-induced emissions to biomass consumption: A critical assessment of existing approaches.

FLARE Network Twitter Conference: Reimaging Forests and Livelihoods in Turbulent Times, OCT 26-29, 2020, [online] FullText

Bhan, M (2020): Quantifying induced FOLU emissions from biomass consumption: A critical assessment of existing approaches; conference cancelled due to precautionary coronavirus measures.

European Conference of Tropical Ecology, MAR 27, 2020, Leipzig

Bhan, M; Gingrich, S; Fritz, S; Matej, S; Erb, KH (2020): Characterizing land use impacts on carbon stocks and tree cover in the tropics. [Poster]

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall 2020 Meeting (Session: Tropical Forests under a Changing Environment), DEC 1-17, 2020, [online] FullText

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