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Wimmer Rupert

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Blumentritt, M., Wimmer, R., Liebner, F. (2012): Particle boards from hot-water extracted softwoods and hardwood.. [Poster]

IUFRO Conference, 14-19 SEP 2012, Cordoba

Riegler, M., Weigl, M., Harm, M., Rathke, J., Müller, Ul., Wimmer, R. (2012): Influence of hardwood on the vertical density profile and fracture energy of particleboards. [Poster]

The 5th Conference of Hardwood Research and Utilization in Europe, , 10th - 11th Sept. , Sopron

Kandelbauer, Andreas; Dolezel-Horwath, Elisabeth; Wuzella, Günter; Wimmer, Rupert (2007): NIR Spectroscopy, a Process and Quality Control Tool applied in Manufacture of Natural Fibre Comnposites.

13th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (13th ICNIRS), 15.-21. June 2007, Umea FullText

Leder, S., Weigl, M., Grabner, M. & Wimmer, R. (2007): Shigometry - Measurement of electrical resistance/conductivity on cool water extracts of wood particles - a smart tool for decay detection.. [Poster]

14th ISWFPC (International Symposium on Wood, Fibre and Pulping Chemistry), 25th to 28th June 2007, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Teischinger, A., Wimmer, R. (2007): Forest Products Education and Training in Austria: Changes and Challenges.

IUFRO 2007 All Division 5 Conference. Forest Products and Environment: A Productive Symbiosis, October 29th - November 2nd, 2007, Taipei

Treydte K, Grabner M, Weigl M, Wimmer R, et al. (2007): Climate signals in the European isotope network ISONET..

Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology, TRACE, 20-22 April 2006, Tervuren

Wimmer, R., Weigl, M. (2007): A multi-parameter approach to characterize wood quality for particle boards.

IUFRO ALL-Division-5 Conference "Forest Products and Environment – A Productive Symbiosis", 29th October – 2nd November 2007, Taipei

Grabner, M., Wimmer, R. (2006): Holzqualität als Zielgröße in der Forstwirtschaft - Einfluss von Selektion und waldbaulicher Behandlung. . [Poster]

„Wald – Wirtschaft und Genetik“ Seminar, 12.Jänner 2006, ARC Seibersdorf research

Rosner, S., Klein, A., Wimmer, R. (2005): Hydraulic vulnerability of Norway spruce trunkwood assessed by the hydraulic and the acoustic method.. [Poster]

International Botanical Congress, July 2005, Vienna

Rosner, S., Wimmer, R. (2005): Wood growth and quality traits influencing hydraulic and mechanic properties of young Norway spruce clones.. [Poster]

International Symposium on Wood Sciences, 24.-29.10.2004, Montpellier, France

Hannrup, B., Cahalan, C.M., Chantre, G., Grabner, M., Karlsson, B., Lebayon, I., Müller, U., Pereira, H., Rodrigues, J.C., Rosner, S., Rozenberg, P., Wilhelmsson, L., Wimmer, R. (2001): Genetic Parameters of wood properties in Picea abies..

WBB Conference, International Conference on: Wood, Breeding, Biotechnology and industrial expectations, June 11-14, Bordeaux

Hannrup, B., Grabner, M., Karlsson, B., Müller U., Rosner, S., Wilhelmsson, L., Wimmer, R. (2001): Genetic parameters for spiral-grain angle in two 19-year-old clonal trials with Picea abies..

WBB Conference, International Conference on: Wood, Breeding, Biotechnology and industrial expectations, June 11-14, Bordeaux

Grabner, M., Wimmer, R. (1998): Intra-tree variability of anatomical characters in spruce..

Poster at Eurodendro 98, Kaunas, Lithuania

Hirmke, M., Messner, K., Fellner, J., Teischinger, A., Wimmer, R. (1998): Influence of felling time on the natural durability of Norway spruce (Picea Abies LL.) Karst.)..

Proceedings, 29 th Annual Meeting Maastricht, Holland. IRG Secretariat Stockholm

Liebert, S., Grabner, M., Wimmer, R. (1998): A 1000-year Silver fir (Abies alba [Miller]) chronology for East Austria..

Poster at Eurodendro 98, Kaunas, Lithuania

Strumia, G., Grabner, M., Wimmer, R. (1997): Dendroclimatological potential of Black pine (Pinus nigra ssp austriaca) in the pannonic region of Austria..

Eurodendro 28.5.-1.6.1997, Finland, Savonlinna

Stadlbauer, C., Prohaska, T., Stingeder, G., Hoffmann, E., Wimmer, R. (1996): Spurenelementanalyse in Jahresringen von Fichtenklonen für dendrochemische Untersuchungen mittels LA-ICPMS.

3. Symposium Massenspektrometrische Verfahren in der Elementspurenanalyse, Jülich, Germany, Sept. 1996

Wimmer, R., Grabner, M., Halbwachs, G. (1995): Xylem anatomy, a biological indicator in SO2 polluted forests..

International workshop - Abstracts. Spatial and temporal assessment of air pollutant impact on ecosystems: Exceedandes of critical loads and levels. November 22-24, Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf

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