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Seidl Rupert

Unpublished presentations at scientific conferences

Seidl, R. (2017): Diversität und Resilienz im Waldmanagement.

Österreichische Forsttagung 2017, June 01-02, 2017, Wien

Seidl, R. (2017): Forstwirtschaft in Zeiten des Klimawandels.

1. Aquinas Kamingespräch zur Ethik im Anthropozän, June 19, 2017, Wien

Seidl, R. (2017): Management & natural disturbances .

State-of-the-art and perspectives of individual-based forest modeling , April 27-28, 2017, Leipzig, Germany

Albrich, K.; Thom, D.; Rammer, W.; Seidl, R. (2016): Impact of different management strategies on the provisioning of forest ecosystem services under climate change. [Poster]

COST Action [FP1304] event: PROFOUND Joint MC/WG meeting, SEPT 28-29, 2016, Krakow, POLAND

Seidl, R (2016): Österreichs Wald im Klimawandel: Klimaopfer oder Klimaretter?.

Science VHS Wien, 06. Oct. 2016, Wien

Seidl, R. (2016): Changing disturbance regimes: Challenges and opportunities for forest management.

The challenge of global change: disturbance and risk in forest ecosystem management, Oct. 27-29, 2016, Narva, Estonia

Seidl, R. (2016): The paradox of forest disturbance.

ART & SCIENCE, University of Applied Arts Vienna, NOV 22, 2016, Wien

Seidl, R., Vigl, F., Rössler, G., Neumann, M., Rammer, W. (2016): Assessing forest resilience in mountain forests of Central Europe: A model-based reanalysis of thinning trials.

Ecology of Mountain Forest Ecosystems in Europe, February 15-19, 2016, Davos, Switzerland

Thom, D; Rammer, W; Seidl, R (2016): Disturbances mitigate climate change effects on biodiversity. [Poster]

COST Action [FP1304] event: PROFOUND Joint MC/WG meeting, SEP 28-29, 2016, Krakau, POLAND

Thom, D; Rammer, W; Seidl, R (2016): Forest landscape trajectories under climate change reveal time lags of adaptation and ecological novelty.

EcoSummit 2016, Aug 29 - SEP 1, 2016, Montpellier, FRANCE

Rammer, W; Seidl, R (2015): Simulating dynamic wind effects and their interactions with other disturbance agents .

Workshop on the Mathematical Modelling of the Risk of Wind Damage to Forests, OCT 27-30, 2015, Arcachon

Rammer, W; Seidl, R (2014): Managing change: an agent-based model of adaptive forest management at the landscape scale.

ECEM 2014 - Beyond boundaries: next generation modelling - October 27-30, 2014, Marrakech, MOROCCO, OCT 27-30, 2014, Marrakech

Seidl, R. (2014): Climate change and Europe’s forests: state of the art and challenges for prediction.

A scientific roadmap for projections of global change impacts on forests, AUG 27-28, 2014, Sarajevo

Seidl, R. (2014): Early seral forests and ecosystem functioning .

Structural and Functional Attributes of Natural Early-Seral Forest Ecosystems, JUNE 23-25, 2014, Neuschönau, Germany

Seidl, R. (2014): Klima und Waldschäden im Wandel – Herausforderung für den Waldbau.

Was tun, wenn's kracht? Wirkungsvolles Management von Kalamitäten. Forstliche Ausbildungsstätte Pichl, FEB. 27, 2014, Mitterdorf im Mürztal

Seidl, R; Pedro, M; Rammer, W. (2014): Testing the insurance hypothesis: Is tree species diversity mitigating landscape-scale disturbance impacts on ecosystem services?.

FunDivEUROPE 3rd Annual Meeting, JAN 29-31, 2014, Copenhagen, DK

Thom, D; Rammer, W; Seidl, R (2014): Disturbance dynamics in forest landscapes. [Poster]

1st PROFOUND Joint Working Group and Management Committee Meeting, NOV 12-13, 2014, Potsdam, GERMANY

Seidl, R (2013): Disturbance ecology and management in a changing world: Insights and challenges. [Poster]

Our forests in the 21st century – ready for risks and opportunities? EFI Annual Conference, SEPT 23-27, 2013, Nancy, France

Seidl, R. (2013): Disturbance modeling: Understanding and predicting forest disturbance dynamics.

BayCEER Kolloquium, Lectures in Ecology and Environmental Research , OCT. 17th 2013, Bayreuth, Germany

Seidl, R. (2013): Forest disturbance dynamics in a changing world.

Forest Ecology Seminar, ETH Zürich, FEB 27, 2013, Zürich

Seidl, R. (2013): Unraveling the drivers of intensifying forest disturbance regimes.

Natural Disturbance Conference, Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, APR 29 - MAY 3, Neuschönau

Seidl, R. (2012): Expect the Unexpected - Waldökosysteme im Klimawandel.

20 Jahre Zöbelboden: Ökologisches Langzeitmonitoring und -forschung im Reichraminger Hintergebirge, NOV 21, 2012, Wien

Seidl, R. (2012): Modeling forest disturbance at multiple scales..

MOTIVE disturbance modeling workshop, AUG 29 - 31, 2012, Bordeaux, France

Seidl, R. (2012): Modeling forest ecosystem C cycling.

Carbon, conservation, and communities in the Carpathians, MAY 28-29, 2012, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Seidl, R. (2012): Natural disturbances and interaction with climate change.

Forest Finance Risk Workshop, AUG 20 2012, Edinburgh, UK

Seidl, R. (2012): Scientific Methods as the Modern Days’ Crystal Ball? Lessons from Predicting the Future of Forest Ecosystems.

Art as Research. Research as Art. Anything goes? JOUR FIXE Discussing Methods and Materials. University of Applied Arts, Vienna., APRIL 27, 2012, Wien

Seidl, R. (2012): The individual, the process and the scale: Modeling forest disturbance dynamics in a changing world.

Departmentseminar Ökologische Systemanalyse, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung UFZ, NOV 29, 2012, Leipzig

Seidl, R. (2012): What's bugging our forests? Climate change, bark beetle outbreaks, and their joint impact on the forest C cycle..

Carbon balance in a changing climate. Finish Forest Research Institute Metla, MAY 15-16, 2012, Vantaa, Finland

Seidl, R. (2012): Wie klimafit sind Österreichs Wälder?.

25. Seminar biologischer Forstschutz, JUNE 5-6, 2012, Gmunden

Seidl, R., Wolfslehner, B., Hochbichler, E. (2012): Einfluss des Klimas auf den Waldbau.

Seminar der Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark, 07.11.2012, Pichl

Seidl, R. (2011): Tales from a disturbed past, tools for a disturbing future: Modeling climate – vegetation – disturbance interactions in forest ecosystems.

, Forest Ecology Seminar, Alterra / Wageningen University, JUN 23, 2011, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Seidl, R. (2011): Tools for a disturbed future: High resolution modeling of climate – vegetation – disturbance interactions in forest landscapes.

, Department Seminar, Swedish Agricultural University SLU, MAY 30, 2011, Alnarp, Sweden

Seidl, R., Blennow, K. (2011): In the wake of the storm: Pervasive functional damage in forest ecosystems following wind disturbance.

, SLU Alnarp Seminar Series, OKT 10, 2011, Alnarp, SWEDEN

Seidl, R. (2010): Forest dynamics in silico: Simulating complex interactions from individual trees to the landscape.

, HJ Andrews LTER Science Hour, OCT 1, 2010, Corvallis, OR

Seidl, R. (2010): Individual-based forest landscape modeling to assess climate change impacts in Oregon.

, LANDIS II forest landscape model workshop, JAN 11-13, 2010, Madison, WI, USA

Seidl, R. (2010): Simulating complexity - there's an app for that: Introducing iLand, the individual-based forest landscape model.

Department Seminar, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University, DEC 2, 2010, Corvallis, OR, USA

M. Maroschek, R. Seidl, M. Lindner, J. Garcia-Gonzalo and M.J. Lexer (2008): Climate change impacts on goods and services of European mountain forests – a review.

International conference on adaptation of forests and forest management to changing climate with emphasis on forest health: A review of science, policies and practices, 25.-28.08.2008, Umeå

Seidl, R. (2008): Adapting to climate change in European mountain forests.

, New opportunities and challenges in forest management caused by global climate change, TEMPUS IB_JEP-26038-2005, Training, Networking and Capacity Building for Sustainable Forestry in Povolgie , DEZ 10, 2008, Video-Conference

Seidl, R., Lexer, M.J. (2008): Waldbau im Klimawandel.

Seminar für Forstangestellte, Niederösterreichische Landarbeiterkammer, 20.02.2008, Wien

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Lexer, M.J. (2008): Addressing biodiversity in a stakeholder-driven climate change vulnerability assessment.

Biodiversity in forest ecosystems and landscapes., 05.-08.08.2008, Kamloops, BC FullText

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Lexer, M.J. (2008): Addressing climate change in practical silvicultural decision support: A vulnerability assessment to amend decision making in the Austrian Federal Forests.

Mountain Forests in a Changing World. Advances in Research on Sustainable Management and the Role of Academic Education, 02.-04. April 2008, Vienna FullText

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Lexer, M.J. (2008): Sustainable forest management under climate change: Adaptation strategies based on a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

, Climate Change and Forests Seminar Series, Climate Change and Forest Carbon Strategic Unit, Canadian Forest Service, 2008-10-16, Victoria, BC

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Lexer, M.J. (2008): Sustainable forest management under climate change: Adaptation strategies based on a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

International conference on adaptation of forests and forest management to changing climate with emphasis on forest health: A review of science, policies and practices, 25.-28.08.2008, Umeå, Sweden FullText

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Lexer, M.J. (2008): Waldbewirtschaftung im Klimawandel: Entwicklung von Anpassungsstrategien für die Österreichischen Bundesforste.

10. Österreichischer Klimatag, 13.-14.03.2008, Wien FullText

Lexer M.J., Seidl R. (2007): Multi-purpose management of mountain forests in a changing climate.

Impacts of climate change in the Alpine region and possible adaption measures; UNFCC, Climate Talks Vienna, 27.08.2007, Vienna, Austria Center

Lexer M.J., Seidl R., Rammer W., Brauner M., Vacik H. (2007): Tools and approaches for multi-objective management of mountain forests in a changing climate. [Poster]

EcoSummit 2007 - Ecological Complexity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for 21st-Century's Ecology, 22.05-27.05.2007, Beijing

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Panagiotis, B., Hochbichler, E., Lexer, M.J. (2007): Testing the generality of dry matter allocation based on allometric equations in a hybrid forest model.

The 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling (ECEM '07): Challenges for ecological modelling in a changing world: Global Changes, Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Management, 27th - 30th November 2007, Trieste FullText

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Jäger, D., Currie, W.S., Lexer, M.J. (2006): Carbon sequestration and timber production - effects of forest management at the forest unit level. [Oral Communication]

ForwardFORESTs, 2005-12-31, virtual conference

Seidl, R., Rammer, W., Jäger, D., Lexer, M.J. (2006): C-Speicherung im Rahmen einer multifunktionalen Waldbewirtschaftung - Analyse anhand eines Beispielbetriebes.

9. Österreichischer Klimatag, 16.03.2006, Wien FullText

Vacik H., Wolfslehner B., Seidl, R., Lexer M.J. (2006): Integrating the DPSIR - approach and the Analytic Network Process for the assessment of forest management strategies. [Oral Communication]

Sustainable Forestry in Theory and Practice, 5-8 April 2005, Edinburgh FullText

Seidl R., Lexer M.J., Rammer W., Jäger D. (2005): Impact of Bark Beetle Infestations on Timber Production and Carbon Sequestration Under Scenarios of Climate Change. [Oral Communication]

Sustainable forestry in theory and practice, 05.-08. April 2005, Edinburgh

Seidl R., Lexer M.J., Jäger D., Hönninger K. (2004): Evaluating accuracy and generality of a modified forest patch model. [Oral Communication]

Proceedings of the International Conference on Modeling Forest Production, 19 - 22, April 2004, Vienna, Austria

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