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Schopf Axel

Total: 45
Publicly accessible: 39
Current: 3
Completed: 42

Survey of the parasitoids of the winter moth, Operophtera brumata, the mottled umber moth, Eranis defoliaria, and the green oak leafroller, Tortrix viridana (Eichenresilienz)
Project type: Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Project Leader: Schafellner Christa ;
BOKU Research Units: Institute of Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Forest Protection ;
Funded by: Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, Deichmanns Aue 29, 53179 Bonn, Germany
Duration: 01.03.2021-31.10.2022
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