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Plank, B; Eisenmenger, N; Schaffartzik, A:
Do material efficiency improvements backfire?: Insights from an index decomposition analysis about the link between CO(2)emissions and material use for Austria
J IND ECOL. 2021; 25(2): 523-536. , 2021
Eisenmenger, N; Pichler, M; Krenmayr, N; Noll, D; Plank, B; Schalmann, E; Wandl, MT; Gingrich, S:
The Sustainable Development Goals prioritize economic growth over sustainable resource use: a critical reflection on the SDGs from a socio-ecological perspective
SUSTAIN SCI. 2020; 15(4): 1101-1110. , 2020
Wieland, H; Giljum, S; Eisenmenger, N; Wiedenhofer, D; Bruckner, M; Schaffartzik, A; Owen, A:
Supply versus use designs of environmental extensions in input-output analysis: Conceptual and empirical implications for the case of energy
J IND ECOL. 2020; 24(3): 548-563. , 2020
Wieland, H; Lenzen, M; Geschke, A; Fry, J; Wiedenhofer, D; Eisenmenger, N; Schenk, J; Giljum, S:
The PIOLab: Building global physical input-output tables in a virtual laboratory
Ecological Economic Papers, 36, 32 pp., Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna. , 2020
Giljum, S; Wieland, H; Lutter, S; Eisenmenger, N; Schandl, H; Owen, A:
The impacts of data deviations between MRIO models on material footprints: A comparison of EXIOBASE, Eora, and ICIO
J IND ECOL. 2019; 23(4): 946-958. , 2019
Krausmann, F; Weisz, H; Eisenmenger, E; Schütz, H; Haas, W; Schaffartzik, A:
Economy-wide Material Flow Accounting. Intruduction and Guide. Version 1.2
Social Ecology Working Papers, 151, 107 S, Vienna, 2018
Stadler, K; Wood, R; Bulavskaya, T; Sodersten, CJ; Simas, M; Schmidt, S; Usubiaga, A; Acosta-Fernandez, J; Kuenen, J; Bruckner, M; Giljum, S; Lutter, S; Merciai, S; Schmidt, JH; Theurl, MC; Plutzar, C; Kastner, T; Eisenmenger, N; Erb, KH; de Koning, A; Tukker, A:
EXIOBASE 3: Developing a Time Series of Detailed Environmentally Extended Multi-Regional Input-Output Tables
J IND ECOL. 2018; 22(3): 502-515. , 2018
Eisenmenger, N; Warr, B; Magerl, A:
Trends in Austrian Resource Efficiency An Exergy and Useful Work Analysis in Comparison to Material Use, CO2 Emissions, and Land Use
J IND ECOL. 2017; 21(5): 1250-1261. , 2017
Dorninger, C; Eisenmenger, N:
South America's biophysical involvement in international trade: the physical trade balances of Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil in the light of ecologically unequal exchange
J POLIT ECOL. 2016; 23: 394-409. , 2016
Eisenmenger, N; Giljum, S; Lutter, S; Marques, A; Theurl, MC; Pereira, HM; Tukker, A:
Towards a Conceptual Framework for Social-Ecological Systems Integrating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services with Resource Efficiency Indicators
SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2016; 8(3):, 2016
Schaffartzik, A; Haberl, H; Kastner, T; Wiedenhofer, D; Eisenmenger, N; Erb, KH:
Trading Land: A Review of Approaches to Accounting for Upstream Land Requirements of Traded Products
J IND ECOL. 2015; 19(5): 703-714. , 2015
Schaffartzik, A; Wiedenhofer, D; Eisenmenger, N:
Raw Material Equivalents: The Challenges of Accounting for Sustainability in a Globalized World
SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL. 2015; 7(5): 5345-5370. , 2015
Wiedenhofer, D; Steinberger, JK; Eisenmenger, N; Haas, W:
Maintenance and Expansion Modeling Material Stocks and Flows for Residential Buildings and Transportation Networks in the EU25
J IND ECOL. 2015; 19(4): 538-551. , 2015
Krausmann, F; Richter, R; Eisenmenger, N:
Resource Use in Small Island States Material Flows in Iceland and Trinidad and Tobago, 1961-2008
J IND ECOL. 2014; 18(2): 294-305. , 2014
Schaffartzik, A; Eisenmenger, N; Krausmann, F; Weisz, H:
Consumption-based Material Flow Accounting Austrian Trade and Consumption in Raw Material Equivalents 1995-2007
J IND ECOL. 2014; 18(1): 102-112. , 2014
Schaffartzik, A; Mayer, A; Gingrich, S; Eisenmenger, N; Loy, C; Krausmann, F:
The global metabolic transition: Regional patterns and trends of global material flows, 1950-2010
GLOBAL ENVIRON CHANG. 2014; 26: 87-97. , 2014
Schaffartzik, A.; Sachs, M. S.; Wiedenhofer, D.; Eisenmenger, N.:
Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis
Social Ecology Working Papers, 154, 20 S,Vienna, 2014
Schaffartzik, A; Eisenmenger, N; Krausmann, F; Weisz, H:
Raw Material Equivalents (RME) of Austria's Trade
Social Ecology Working Papers, 125, 67 S,Vienna, 2013
Krausmann, F; Fischer-Kowalski, M; Schaffartzik, A; Steinberger, JK; Eisenmenger, N; Weisz, U:
Trends and Developments of the Use of Natural Resources in the European Union
Social Ecology Working Papers, 123, 104, Institute of Social Ecology Vienna, 2011
Eisenmenger, N; Kratochvil, R; Krausmann, F; Baart, I; Colard, A; Ehgartner, C; Eichinger, M; Hempel, G; Lehrner, A; Müllauer, R; Nourbakhch-Sabet, R; Paler, M; Patsch, B; Rieder, F; Schembera, E; Schieder, W; Schmiedl, C; Schwarzlmüller, E; Stadler, W; Wirl, C; Zandl, S; Zika, M:
Materialflüsse in den USA, Saudi Arabien und der Schweiz
Social Ecology Working Papers, 74, 63 S,Vienna, 2005
Weisz, H; Krausmann, F; Amann, C; Eisenmenger, N; Erb, KH; Hubacek, K; Fischer-Kowalski, M:
The physical economy of the European Union: Cross-country comparison and determinants of material consumption
Social Ecology Working Papers, 76, 62 S, Vienna, 2005

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