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Hausjell, CS; Ernst, W; Grunwald-Gruber, C; Arcalis, E; Grabherr, R:
Quantitative proteomic analysis of extracellular vesicles in response to baculovirus infection of a Trichoplusia ni cell line
PLOS ONE. 2023; 18(1), e0281060, 2023
Ruzsics, Z; Hoffmann, K; Riedl, A; Krawczyk, A; Widera, M; Sertznig, H; Schipper, L; Kapper-Falcone, V; Debreczeny, M; Ernst, W; Grabherr, R; Hengel, H; Harant, H:
A Novel, Broad-Acting Peptide Inhibitor of Double-Stranded DNA Virus Gene Expression and Replication
FRONT MICROBIOL. 2020; 11, 601555, 2020
Koczka, K; Ernst, W; Palmberger, D; Klausberger, M; Nika, L; Grabherr, R:
Development of a Dual-Vector System Utilizing MicroRNA Mimics of the Autographa californica miR-1 for an Inducible Knockdown in Insect Cells
INT J MOL SCI. 2019; 20(3), 533, 2019
Reinhart, D; Damjanovic, L; Castan, A; Ernst, W; Kunert, R:
Differential gene expression of a feed-spiked super-producing CHO cell line
J BIOTECHNOL. 2018; 285: 23-37. , 2018
Maccani, A; Hackl, M; Leitner, C; Steinfellner, W; Graf, AB; Tatto, NE; Karbiener, M; Scheideler, M; Grillari, J; Mattanovich, D; Kunert, R; Borth, N; Grabherr, R; Ernst, W:
Identification of microRNAs specific for high producer CHO cell lines using steady-state cultivation
APPL MICROBIOL BIOT. 2014; 98(17): 7535-7548. , 2014
Maccani, A; Landes, N; Stadlmayr, G; Maresch, D; Leitner, C; Maurer, M; Gasser, B; Ernst, W; Kunert, R; Mattanovich, D:
Pichia pastoris secretes recombinant proteins less efficiently than Chinese hamster ovary cells but allows higher space-time yields for less complex proteins
BIOTECHNOL J. 2014; 9(4): 526-537. , 2014
Baumann, M; Höppner, MP; Meier, M; Pontiller, J; Ernst, W; Grabherr, R; Mauceli, E; Grabherr, MG; :
Artificially designed promoters: understanding the role of spatial features and canonical binding sites in transcription.
Bioeng Bugs. 2011; 3(2):120-123, 2011
Grabherr, MG; Pontiller, J; Mauceli, E; Ernst, W; Baumann, M; Biagi, T; Swofford, R; Russell, P; Zody, MC; Di Palma, F; Lindblad-Toh, K; Grabherr, RM:
Exploiting Nucleotide Composition to Engineer Promoters
PLOS ONE. 2011; 6(5):, 2011
Schröfelbauer, B; Raffetseder, J; Hauner, M; Wolkerstorfer, A; Ernst, W; Szolar, OH:
Glycyrrhizin, the main active compound in liquorice, attenuates pro-inflammatory responses by interfering with membrane-dependent receptor signalling.
Biochem J. 2009; 421(3):473-482, 2009
Grillari, J; Ajuh, P; Stadler, G; Löscher, M; Voglauer, R; Ernst, W; Chusainow, J; Eisenhaber, F; Pokar, M; Fortschegger, K; Grey, M; Lamond, AI; Katinger, H; :
SNEV is an evolutionarily conserved splicing factor whose oligomerization is necessary for spliceosome assembly.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2005; 33(21):6868-6883, 2005
Ecker, GF; Csaszar, E; Kopp, S; Plagens, B; Holzer, W; Ernst, W; Chiba, P:
Identification of ligand-binding regions of P-glycoprotein by activated-pharmacophore photoaffinity labeling and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry.
Mol Pharmacol. 2002; 61(3):637-648, 2002
Spenger, A; Grabherr, R; Töllner, L; Katinger, H; Ernst, W:
Altering the surface properties of baculovirus Autographa californica NPV by insertional mutagenesis of the envelope protein gp64.
Eur J Biochem. 2002; 269(18):4458-4467, 2002
Ernst, WJ; Spenger, A; Toellner, L; Katinger, H; Grabherr, RM:
Expanding baculovirus surface display. Modification of the native coat protein gp64 of Autographa californica NPV.
Eur J Biochem. 2000; 267(13):4033-4039, 2000
Ernst, W; Grabherr, R; Wegner, D; Borth, N; Grassauer, A; Katinger, H:
Baculovirus surface display: construction and screening of a eukaryotic epitope library.
Nucleic Acids Res. 1998; 26(7):1718-1723, 1998
Ernst, WJ; Grabherr, RM; Katinger, HW:
Direct cloning into the Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus for generation of recombinant baculoviruses.
Nucleic Acids Res. 1994; 22(14):2855-2856, 1994

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