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Chapter in Collected Volumes

Vogl, C R, Axmann, P; (2016): Regelungsmechanismen im System Ökologischer Landbau.

In: Freyer, B (Hrsg.), Ökologischer Landbau – Grundlagen, Wissensstand und Herausforderungen 4639, 124-145; UTB , Stuttgart, Deutschland; ISBN ISBN 978-3-8252-4639


Journal Articles

** Milestad, R; Bartel-Kratochvil, R; Leitner, H; Axmann, P Being close: The quality of social relationships in a local organic cereal and bread network in Lower Austria.

J RURAL STUD. 2010; 26(3): 228-240. WoS FullText FullText_BOKU


** Bartel-Kratochvil, R; Leitner, H; Axmann, P Success in local supply chains for organic products - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for local supply chains for organic cereals and bread.

BER LANDWIRT. 2009; 87(2): 323-342. WoS


** Vogl, C. R., P. Axmann & B. Vogl-Lukasser Urban Organic Farming in Austria with the concept of Selbsternte (“self -harvest”) – An agronomic and socio-economic analysis.

Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 19, 2, 67-79 WoS FullText


Chapter in Collected Volumes

Axmann P., Grausgruber H. (2003): Europäische Aktivitäten für den ökologischen Landbau im Bereich Züchtung.

In: ARGE Bio-Landbau, Saatgut für den Biologischen Landbau, 188-220; ARGE Bio-Landbau, Wien


Conference & Workshop Proceedings, Paper, Abstract

Axmann, P., Vogl, C.R. (2002): Innovations in Urban Organic Farming in Vienna (Austria) by the concept of "Selbsternte..
[14th IFOAM Organic World Congress 2002 - Cultivating Communities, Victoria, BC, Canada, 21.08.2002 - 24.08.2002]

In: Thompson, R. (Ed.), "Cultivating communities", 14th IFOAM Organic World Congress, 21. -24.8.2002, Victoria, Canada , 173; Canadian Organic Growers, Ottawa, Canada

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