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Curr. Vitae

2015 - 2021 Senior Scientist (PostDoc), Technische Universität Berlin, Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group
2014 - Dissertation at Technische Universität Berlin, Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group
2008 - 2015 Scientist at the Technische Universität Berlin, Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group
2007 - 2008 Fulbright fellow in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program at Portland State University, Oregon (USA)
2002 - 2008 Diploma program landscape planning at the Technische Universität Berlin

Statistik Austria, science classification

Environmental protection; Nature conservation; Renewable energy; Landscape planning;


SEA and EIA; Environmental Planning; Energy transition; Environmentally compatible development of renewable energies;


2014 Lennart-Bernadotte-Preis für Landespflege

Appointments/Memberships in Professional Societies

2023 - ARL - Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association, Working Group "Role of Spatial Planning and Territorial Development in Finding a Nuclear Waste Repository Site"
mandate as expert
2022 - German EIA-Association
extended member of the managing board

Editorial board appointments for scientific journals

2021 - UVP-Report:
1st level below top level (Associate Editor)
2019 - Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal:
Editorial Board Member

Reviewer for scientific journals

2023 - Land Use Policy: the international journal covering all aspects of land use
2022 - Climate and Development
2021 - Energies
2021 - Ocean & Coastal Management
2020 - Regulation & Governance
2018 - Journal of Cleaner Production
2018 - Sustainability
2018 - Challenges in Sustainability
2018 - Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal
2013 - UVP-Report

Organizer of scientific conferences, Chairs

2023 Artenschutz in der Regionalplanung/Windenergieplanung – Quo vadis?
Member of the Organisation Committee
2023 Ambition for a Better Future - Trends in Impact Assessment Research and Implications for Planning Practice​
2022 Bridging the wind-wildlife divide: Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) for regional wind power planning and wildlife conservation
Chair (Session)
2022 Chancen und Risiken von Digitalisierung in der Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung
Chair (Session)
2022 Internationale Trends der Umweltprüfung (UVP und SUP)
Chair (Session)
2020 SEA Conference Advances in European SEA & Strategic Planning 2020
Member of the Organisation Committee
2015 Internationale Synopse von Umweltauswirkungen auf die wildlebende Fauna durch die Windenergie
2012 International Symposium on Environmental Impacts of Direct Democracy
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