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Transfer of Knowledge

Publications with special focus on transfer of knowledge ("social impact") to practitioners as well as the interested public (e.g.publications in non-refereed or popular scientific journals, magazines or books, research reports) can be found under the menu item "TRANSFER of KNOWLEDGE".

Scientific publications from BOKU scientists (e.g. publications in SCI / SSCI journals, other refereed journals, proceedings, articles in collected volumes) can be found under the menu item:

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Research Report & Expert's Report

Zunabovic, M; Zitz, U; Günther, M; Domig, K.J.; Kneifel, Wolfgang (2014): Sichere Fische für Wien.

Finanziert von: Wirtschaftskammer Wien, 52


Feichtinger, Marlies; Zitz, Ulrike; Domig, J. Konrad; Kneifel, Wolfgang (2013): Projektzwischenbericht "Hygiene von Packstoffen", Präsentation am 04.07.2013 in Weinburg.

Fa. Constantia Teich GmbH, 24

Zitz, U., Feichtinger, M., Domig, K.J. (2013): Projektabschlussbericht Packstoffhygiene.

Constantia Teich, 28

Zitz U., Zunabovic M. & Domig K.J. (2013): Final Report on the Project Listeria Screening.

Biomerieux Austria, 45



U. Zitz, W. Kneifel (2010): ISO 29981/ IDF 220:2010. Milk products - Enumeration of presumptive bifidobacteria - Colony count technique at 37°C.

International Standard (International Organization for Standardization ISO and International Dairy Federation IDF) FullText


U. Zitz, W. Kneifel (2009): ISO/FDIS 29981/ IDF 220:2009. Milk products - Enumeration of presumptive bifidobacteria - Colony count technique at 37°C. 22 pages.

International Standard, ISO and IDF FullText


Zitz, U. Kneifel, W., Weiss, H. (2006): Draft International Standard: Selective Enumeration of Bifidobacteria in Dairy Products. International Dairy Federation Joint Action Team (JAT) on the Lactic acid bacteria & starters, .

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