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Ludwig Roland

Transfer of Knowledge

Publications with special focus on transfer of knowledge ("social impact") to practitioners as well as the interested public (e.g.publications in non-refereed or popular scientific journals, magazines or books, research reports) can be found under the menu item "TRANSFER of KNOWLEDGE".

Scientific publications from BOKU scientists (e.g. publications in SCI / SSCI journals, other refereed journals, proceedings, articles in collected volumes) can be found under the menu item:

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Journal articles

Vasilchenko, L.G. Nyanhongo, G.S Guebitz, G.M Ludwig, R Haltrich, D (2015): Phenolic antioxidants and their role in quenching of reactive molecular species in the human skin injury.

Lipid Technology, 27, 36-39; ISSN 0956-666X FullText FullText_BOKU


Research Report & Expert's Report

Ludwig, R. (2010): Glucose biosensor based on cellobiose dehydrogenase.

Austrian Science Fund, 26

Ludwig, R., (2010): Glucose biosensor based on cellobiose dehydrogenase.

Austrian Science Fund, 1


Journal articles

Van Hecke W., Ludwig R., Dewulf J., Haltrich D., Van Langenhove H. (2008): Green oxidation of renewable carbohydrates: lactobionic acid production as an example.

COMM AGR APPL BIOL SCI, 73, 9-13; ISSN 1379-1176



Ludwig, R., Greus, G., Baminger, U., Kulbe, K.D., Haltrich, D. (1999): Application of cellobiose dehydrogenase for a new biocatalytic process..

Abstr. Jahrestagung Österr. Ges. Biotechnol., Schloß Seggau/Leibnitz, A (März 18-19, 1999), P18-38

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