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Thom Dominik

Transfer of Knowledge

Publications with special focus on transfer of knowledge ("social impact") to practitioners as well as the interested public (e.g.publications in non-refereed or popular scientific journals, magazines or books, research reports) can be found under the menu item "TRANSFER of KNOWLEDGE".

Scientific publications from BOKU scientists (e.g. publications in SCI / SSCI journals, other refereed journals, proceedings, articles in collected volumes) can be found under the menu item:

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Journal Articles

Eckhart, T; Pötzelsberger, E; Köck, R; Thom, D; Lair, G J; van Loo, M; Hasenauer, H; (2018): Zum Standortspotenzial der Douglasie.

AFZ - Der Wald: Zeitschrift fuer Waldwirtschaft und Umweltvorsorge, 20/2018, 49-49; ISSN 1430-2713


Seidl, R; Albrich, K; Thom, D; Rammer, W (2016): Multifunktionalität am Prüfstand.

Österreichische Forstzeitung, 12/2016, 24-25; ISSN 1012-4667

Research Report & Expert's Report

Seidl, R., Thom, D., Albrich, K., Rammer, W. (2016): Climate sensitivity of disturbance regimes and implications for forest management.

FWF - Austrian Science Fund, 18

Newspaper, Magazine Article

Seidl, R., Thom, D., Rammer, W. (2016): Das Klima verändert den Wald. Waldentwicklung im Nationalpark Kalkalpen.

Vielfalt Natur, 32, 4-6 FullText


Research Report & Expert's Report

Seidl, R., Thom, D., Krehan, H., Steyrer, G. (2012): Analysing Austria's forest disturbance regime as basis for the development of climate change adaptation strategies.


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