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Transfer of Knowledge

Publications with special focus on transfer of knowledge ("social impact") to practitioners as well as the interested public (e.g.publications in non-refereed or popular scientific journals, magazines or books, research reports) can be found under the menu item "TRANSFER of KNOWLEDGE".

Scientific publications from BOKU scientists (e.g. publications in SCI / SSCI journals, other refereed journals, proceedings, articles in collected volumes) can be found under the menu item:

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Research Report & Expert's Report

Theurl, M.C.; Lauk, C.; Erb, K.-H.; Haberl, H. (2017): Nachhaltigkeits-Monitoring für Österreichs Bioökonomie- Strategie. Biomasseaufbringung, Außenhandel, Ressourcennutzungseffizienz. Grobkonzept.

Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft, 26


Publication of Institute / Self Publishing

Fetzel, T; Niedertscheider, M; Erb, KH; Gaube, V; Gingrich, S; Haberl, H; Krausmann, F; Lauk, C; Plutzar, C (2012): Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production in Africa: Patterns, trajectories, processes and policy implications. Report commissioned by UNCTAD.

Social Ecology Working Papers, 137, 90 S, Vienna FullText


Fischer-Kowalski, M; Singh, SJ; Ringhofer, L; Grünbühel, C; Lauk, C; Remesch, A (2010): Sociometabolic regimes in indigenous communities and the crucial role of working time: A comparison of case studies.

Social Ecology Working Papers, 121, 41 S,Vienna FullText


Erb, KH; Haberl, H; Krausmann, F; Lauk, C; Plutzar, C; Steinberger, JK; Müller, C; Bondeau, A; Waha, K, Pollack, G (2009): Eating the planet: Feeding and fuelling the world sustainably, fairly and humanely - a scoping study.

Social Ecology Working Papers, 116, 132 S,Vienna FullText


Lauk, C (2006): HANPP-relevante Charakteristika von Wanderfeldbau und anderen Langbrachesystemen.

Social Ecology Working Papers, 83, 59 S,Vienna FullText


Lauk, C (2005): Sozial-Ökologische Charakteristika von Agrarsystemen. Ein globaler Überblick und Vergleich.

Social Ecology Working Papers, 78, Vienna FullText

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